Album: A Crow Left Of The Murder (2004)


  • Agoraphobia is an abnormal fear of public places or crowds (in ancient Greece, an agora was a public square or marketplace). People with agoraphobia usually stay in their homes.
  • Lead singer Brandon Boyd: "That song is sort of covering the idea that there is a very strong tendency for certain media outlets to try and keep us afraid as to keep us consuming and docile and pliable, so to speak. I think it captures that feeling that we don't want to stay indoors, and that even though we're sort of sometimes being forced to, or forced to feel like we have to, you don't necessarily have to." >>
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  • When the coronavirus pandemic forced most of the world into quarantine in 2020 this song became a fitting one for the times. Responding to this, Incubus released an acoustic version on June 26, 2020 recorded remotely by the band members in lockdown. Proceeds from the new version are being donated to Feeding America.

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  • Patrick from Overland Park, KsAgoraphobia is actually the fear of having a panic attack in a public place. It is associated with panic disorder in most cases
  • Katy from Atlanta, GaI think it is about how the media and the stuff people say and where the world is going in its downward path are very scary. Scary enough to make you stay inside and wait for it all to be over when people get over themselves and stop being egomaniac monsters.
  • Amber from Melbourne, AustraliaGoing against the worlds culture, he wants to shut himself off from the world but knows thats not going to change/achieve anything. physical not love just lips 'n' hips.. no heart, flesh and bone. Maybe its meaning is that society now seems to be full of ego driven males (apes), we've forgotten in the simple love for one another.
  • Brian from South Bend, Ini thought this was going to be a single because this was the first song they performed live off of aclotm, at least on tv. it was on jimmy kimmel live.
  • Will from Harlem, GaAgoraphobia was originally planned to be released as the third single from A Crow Left of the Murder, but the band/record label (whichever it was) decided to drop it and work on a new album and other projects.
  • Kate from Wellington, New ZealandI think this song is about how the media is constantly making us scared all the time so that we end up buying things that we dont really need to buy and basically just the way the media can have a strong affect on people
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