Favorite Things

Album: S.C.I.E.N.C.E (1997)
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  • Lead singer Brandon Boyd: "[Favorite Things] is my personal beliefs about religion and how it oppresses the things I enjoy the most. Unfortunately, the simplest things, such as thinking for myself, creating my own reality and being whatever the hell I want to be each day of my life, are a sin. To be a good Christian basically means to give up the reigns of your life and let some unseen force do it for you." >>
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    Tim - Pittsburgh, PA

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  • Carlos from San Juan, Puerto RicoWhat Brandon Boyd is trying to say is that he is a satanist that follows the motto "do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" by Aleister Crowley
  • Chris from Middletown, NjDoes anyone know what song they sample in Favorite Things? Thanks
  • Emma from San Deigo, Cathis is very similar to my thoughts on religion.
  • Tim from Pgh, PaNonetheless, the song still rocks.
  • Nate from Aurora, IlGod, do i love this song...how ironic,i said god.. yea but this song rocks...and so do es every other incubus song..they're so meaningful..rock on
  • Tim from Pittsburgh, PaThis is one of my least favorite songs by Incubus.
  • Mel from Sydney, Australiai always thought this song was about someone in Brandons life who was keeping him from doing his favourite things and changing him to suit what they wanted him to be...i now realise that this could be about religion but i guess its just your own interpretation
  • Erika from Yuma, Azi absolutely adore incubus and every thing but i think he was just kind of wild and young at the time he wrote this and some young people like to bend the thier own future rules sometimes.awww young rebelious and talented, that my freinds is what makes the band what it is today.my guess is if you dont feel bad about something then its not bad.
  • Amanda from Waurika, Okthis is a great song. I love this album in my opinion, it is one of their best. Incubus is the best band
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