My Honest Face

Album: It Won't Always Be Like This (2019)
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  • Originally formed in 2012, by 2018 Inhaler had started to find their niche. "My Honest Face," written in late 2018, finds frontman Eli Hewson wondering what sort of persona he wants to adopt onstage. Should he be a rock and roller like Elvis Presley, "The Joker" with a "made up smile," or "a killer" who is morally questionable? Hewson comes to the conclusion that he should be true to himself, but he "can't find my honest face."
  • Inhaler released this as a single in May 2019, then re-recorded it for for their debut album, It Won't Always Be Like This.
  • It Won't Always Be Like This is a coming-of-age record about trying to make sense of the world. Hewson told Apple Music that "My Honest Face" fits into its theme of losing yourself and finding yourself again "because it was all about finding out what you wanted to say onstage and what kind of people we wanted to be as performers, and that first experience getting up there and that kind of shock." He added this made it an important part of the story of the album.
  • This was the quickest song to come together on It Won't Always Be Like This. Inhaler jammed it out around Christmas 2018, went into the studio and laid the complete track down within a day.
  • Lewis Evans and Ewan Ogden directed the video, which features footage from Inhaler's It Won't Always Be Like This headline tour and their 2021 main stage slots at Reading and Leeds Festivals.


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