The One Thing

Album: Shabooh Shoobah (1982)
Charted: 30
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  • Written by guitarist Andy Farriss and lead singer Michael Hutchence, this song is about having a girl who is beautiful and confident, with lots of men after her. It was the first song by this Australian group to hit the charts in the United States, setting the groundwork for its international success in the mid-1980s. The song hit the charts as the band embarked on their first tour of America, first as the opener for Adam and the Ants, then as the support act for The Go-Go's (there was lots of intermingling on this tour - the bands' managers had to stay in contact to determine the whereabouts of their members). By the end of the tour, "The One Thing" had picked up steam and so did the band - at the US Festival in California, the band earned an encore when they played on May 28, 1983.
  • With their photogenic frontman, INXS was a great fit for MTV. When the network started playing the video for this song, it gave them a huge boost and propelled the single onto the charts. The video was a strange one, but so was just about everything on MTV at the time, since there was no established protocol for the process and the network favored clips that were quirky and/or outrageous (beautiful people also helped). Regarding the video, INXS bass player Tim Farriss said in the book I Want My MTV: "We fed Valium to a few cats and had them running around a table while we had a feast with sexy models and Playboy centerfolds, ripping apart a turkey. Next thing we knew, we had a Top-40 hit in America."
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  • Dusk Blackman from Albany, Georgia (u.s.a.)I first heard this song on MTV when I was in Honolulu, Hawaii summer of 1983. he was so young. who was to know that he would turn out to be a legend in his own right.
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