Iron Butterfly

1966-1971; 1974-1975
Doug IngleKeyboards, vocals1966-1971
Ron BushyDrums, vocals1966-1971; 1974-1975
Jerry PenrodBass1966-1968
Darryl DeLoachVocals1966-1968
Danny WeisGuitar1966-1968
Lee DormanBass, guitar, piano1968-1971
Erik BraunnGuitar, vocals1968-1969; 1974-1975
Mike PineraGuitar, vocals1970-1971
Larry ReinhardtGuitar1970-1971
Phil KramerBass1974-1975
Howard ReitzesKeyboards, guitar1974-1975

Iron Butterfly Artistfacts

  • Ingle's father was a church organist in Omaha, Nebraska, passing on the interest and talent to his son.
  • The band, in their early years, had regular gigs at the famous L.A. music clubs, the Whiskey-a-Go-Go and the Galaxy.
  • They gained success by opening for the Doors and Jefferson Airplane.
  • Weis and Penrod would later be members of the late Sixties "supergroup" Rhinoceros.
  • Penrod, DeLoach, and Braunn all formed Flintwhistle after Braunn left the first time.
  • Pinera was from Blues Image (he would later play with Alice Cooper) and Reinhardt's claim to fame was living with Gregg and Duane Allman.
  • The group can be seen in the film Savage Seven. So can Cream and Duane Eddy.
  • Several lineups have appeared over the years.
  • The album In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida was by far their greatest success, selling over four million copies and staying on the charts for 140 weeks. It was Atlantic Records' largest selling album until Led Zeppelin.
  • They were the first band to fill an entire side of an LP with just one song.
  • Phil Kramer had an odd death. He was a computer genius, and after leaving the band was working on a way to find missing children simply by popping a piece of a picture into a computer. But one day he called 911 to tell the operator he was going to kill himself. He vanished in 1995 and in 1999 hikers found his van in the desert mountains. This story was featured on the Unsolved Mysteries TV show. >>
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    Lilly - Fayetteville, NC
  • Larry Reinhardt and Lee Dorman left in 1971 to form Captain Beyond with original Deep Purple vocalist Rod Evans and drummer Bobby Caldwell. >>
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    Jim - Morgantown, WV

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  • Dawn English from Los AngelesIt's my favorite rock and roll song of all time.. growing up in San Diego the DJs played the extended version and I was nine years old..playing air drums to his solo. That drum solo went through my brain and never left. Almost a year ago I came across a bitchen psychedelic video of the extended version again...and was completely mesmerised all over again. It's so can hear the seduction and the battle of " good vs evil ' excites me and I feel them running from the serpent... there is literally... absolutely..not another song that can hold a candle to this.
  • John Williams from Chattanooga,tn HomeTakes me back to Jr. High School. Used to hang out with 4 girls and their mom in a trailer park in Ga. Bunch of us (guys and gals) just having fun. Nothing physical, drinking cokes and playing "air drums" (me). Got pretty good, never tried real drums, even to this day. Don't know why, maybe I'd discover that it's harder than it looks - maybe I could be a prodigy. LOL Still a great tune, one you CAN'T ignore, just like "Won't Get Fooled Again." Just something about Classic Rock. STILL the best genre out there...Long Live Rock (be it dead or alive).
  • Donna from College Station, Tx"In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" was No. 10 in Oct 1968 top album list, source; Billboard Oct 8, 1988-the 20 years ago list.
  • Lester from New York City, Ny'Scorching Beauty' is a great song off their last album 'Sun and Steel'. It's odd because their next-to-last album is titled 'Scorching Beauty', but the song isn't on that album.
  • Chris from Bluffton, ScThe bassist who was found dead in the bottom of a gorge was Phil Kramer, who was not the original bassist, as you can see from the timeline above.
  • Sam from Philadelphia, Pathe original bassist was found in his car at the bottom of a gorge. he was a cimputer gennious and the final report was suicide
  • Daan from Leicester, EnglandThey were not the first band to fill an entire side of an LP with just one song. Frank Zappa's 1965 album 'Freak Out!' has 'cream cheese' filling the complete side 4 of the double album (12 minutes 40 seconds).
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