Can I Play With Madness

Album: Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (1988)
Charted: 3
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  • Written by Adrian Smith, Bruce Dickinson, and Steve Harris, this song is about a young man who seeks answers to the supernatural and goes to an old prophet with a magical crystal ball. The prophet looks at his crystal ball, but the young man sees nothing there (hence the line "There's no vision there at all!"). The prophet laughs at the man, because the man is "too blind to see" the vision. But the fact is he is too blind to see the real truth which is that there really is no vision and he is being cheated by the prophet. >>
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    Max - Newburyport, MA
  • Monty Python star Graham Chapman plays an irritable art instructor in the song's music video. It was his last appearance on film before he died of cancer.
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  • Humberto Veras from Recife - BrazilCommander of British airline, that he makes frequent medical examinations. Member of the English Olympic team in you very Olympic Games. captain of the airplane of Iron Maiden tours. Nothing of that combines with drugs. The same happens with the other member, it is only to observe their conducts and Acts
  • Oto from SlovakiaBest of maiden.
  • Cody from Kansas City, MoWHAT??? IRON MAIDEN DID DRUGS??? Didn't know that...
  • Emarkm from Cheshire, United KingdomGraham Chapman (one of the Monty Pythons) is the teacher in the video - shortly before his death.
  • Tony from Mariposa, CaSounds like the Iron Maiden boys were all tripping on acid when they came up with the over and over and over again "Can I play with madness" lyrics. I hope they've grown out of the drugs by now. Hard rock. Plain and simple. Screaming in the microphone. Man, a little bit of Iron Maiden goes along ways with this guy.
  • Myra from Chicago, IlThis is such an awesome classic rock song! Why i am the first to comment on it puzzles me.
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