Remember Tomorrow

Album: Iron Maiden (1980)


  • Written by bassist Steve Harris and lead singer Paul Di'Anno, this was Iron Maiden's first low-mid tempo ballad ever released, and it appeared on their debut album. It's a marked change from most power ballads witnessed on many other Iron Maiden songs such as "Revelations," "Hallowed Be Thy Name" and "Fear of the Dark." >>
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    John - Toronto, Canada
  • According to Paul Di'Anno, the title and concept of this song came from his grandfather. Di'Anno told us: "I lost him in 1980, when I was on tour. He was a diabetic. They cut off his toe and his heel, then he lost his leg from the knee down, and he just sort of gave up.

    'Remember Tomorrow,' that is what he always used to say - that was his little catch phrase. 'You never know what is going to happen, remember tomorrow, it might be a better day.'"

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  • Ncik from Rockaway, NjPaul Di'Anno stated that this song is written for his Grandfather. His Grandfather would always say: "Remember Tomorrow" Thus giving its name.
  • Mervin from Indianapolis, InThis song says so much with so few words, but I think the main idea is that to evolve into the next level of being, we have to "Remember Tomorrow."

    Think in terms of Deja Vu, and it being remembering something that hasn't happened yet, and death the end of a dream that someone else is having, and it begins to make more sense.
  • Jimi from London, United KingdomIt was in fact written about Paul's grandfather.
    - EMarkM, Cheshire, United Kingdom

    WRONG Fact!!

    Paul Diannos grandfather used to say to him when he was young " Always remember tommorrow "

    But i can phone paul and confirm if im right or not!!

  • Emarkm from Cheshire, United KingdomIt was in fact written about Paul's grandfather.
  • Thomas from Copenhagen, DenmarkPiece of Mind was NOT Bruce's first album. His first album was Number of the Beast. Before that he was the lead singer of metal outfit Samson and he went under the artist name Bruce Bruce. Paul Di'Anno was the lead singer of the two first Maiden albums "Iron Maiden" and "Killers". During Bruce's absence Blaze Bayley was the lead singer for two studio albums, but, in my opinion, failed miserably.
  • Cass from Beaverton, OrUm luke, "Number of the Beast" was the first albem to have Bruce as lead singer!
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandBill, I think you'll find This Song was the 2nd track on the 'Iron Maiden' album - Maiden's first album. Piece Of Mind was the first album with Bruce Dickenson on vocals and he uses that "opening a pair of curtains" to introduce Revalations on the Live After Death LP.
  • Bill from Toronto, CanadaIt was not on their debut album. It is from their 4th release of new songs titled: Piece of Mind. It is also on the Live After Death album.

    I believe Bruce Dickenson says "Written about Wimbledon, all about washing your car, actually about opening a pair of curtains..." but it hard to tell exactly what he says.
  • Francisco from South Gate, CaOpeth did a cover for this song and its awesome..
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