The Number Of the Beast

Album: The Number Of the Beast (1982)
Charted: 3
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  • This song was influenced by the 1978 movie Damien: Omen II, which is about a 13-year-old Antichrist. It was written by Iron Maiden bass player Steve Harris, who explained: "Basically, this song is about a dream. It's not about devil worship."
  • Before the music starts, this opens with an a cappella quote from The Book of Revelation. The band wanted the horror film actor Vincent Price to read this intro, but he wanted more money than they were willing to pay (a year later, Price lent his voice to Michael Jackson's "Thriller"). The quote was read by an unknown thespian actor who had no interest in the band. >>
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    Jeff - Haltom City, TX, for above 2
  • The number of the beast, according to Revelation 13:18 (the quoted scripture), is 666. Interestingly, 6+6+6 is 18, the number of the verse. Elsewhere in that chapter, it is stated that no man will be able to buy or sell without a mark on the right hand or forehead with the number of the beast on it. This has lead to religious zealots "finding" 666 in practically everything.
  • The cover art for the album depicted Iron Maiden's mascot Eddie and a devil in vicious combat in Hell. The cover art for single depicted Eddie with a sinister grin on his face holding the devil's head (See also: "Run to the Hills").
  • During the recording of the album, there were rumors floating about that supernatural occurrences had been going on in the studio, such as lights flipping on and off, strange noises, visions of Satan, etc. This was used as evidence that Satan and the Antichrist had a hand in making this. In a concert at New York's Palladium on June 29, 1982 (which is heavily bootlegged), Bruce Dickinson said: "Just want to say to all the people who play records backwards and burn albums out in the streets, they can go and get... stick their heads up their arse or something like that, 'cause... we ain't interested."
  • On the cover art, just right of the devil's ankle, is artist Derek Riggs' signature: the unique symbol which contains his initials.
  • The tour accompanying the album's release was called "The Beast on the Road."
  • Lead singer Bruce Dickinson said of this song: "We can play with conviction every night, because we totally believe in the music we're performing." This quote, along with the line "666, the one for you and me" led many preachers and enemies of rock music to believe Maiden were Satanists. >>
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  • The Number of the Beast album surprisingly came top of a survey by music retailer HMV to find the UK public's favourite British album during the Queen's 60 years on the throne. The poll attracted almost 55,000 votes in the month preceding the Queen's Diamond Jubilee via Facebook, including presumably a fair number of Maiden fans. An HMV spokesman commented: "The power of social media means there are one or two surprises."
  • This was used in the soundtrack for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4.
  • This was re-released as a single in the UK in January 2005. This time, it went to #3. >>
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  • As he explained on the BBC Classic Albums series, Bruce Dickinson's high-pitched scream at the end of the intro was a result of producer Martin Birch forcing the band to replay the intro several times. Dickinson became so fed up with the constant repeats that he emitted the scream out of frustration, and it fit so well that the band decided to keep it. >>
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Comments: 87

  • Diverdriver from Northern CaliforniaThis song was used in the movie Spun. It is an acapella version by Billy Corgan's band Zwan.
  • Craigs List from Oordorf, American SamoaWell, Me..aren't you twisted distorted little puke living in your fever swamp of a world turned upside-down? Just registered here to say that. Bub-bye now.
  • Me from New York, Ny"666 is an unholy number" - blah, blah, blah!!! It's just a f***ing number!!!!!
    Likewise, pentagrams, hexagrams, crosses, and inverted crosses are mere graphic memes, which have no power for good or evil in the absense of the mind which enables them with such powers. No different from human language, and you know that nothing posted here has any impact on anyone who doesn't know how we interpret the English language. Only the observer can give any sort of symbol or idea any power!
  • Me from New York, NyElvis Sanchez,
    Bruce Dickinson has been a contributing member of a band with lyrics which are based on FANTASY, and the world of such a fantastically insane man as Aliester Crowley is an understandable draw for those in search of interesting material for the songs they write when they are in that genre. There's no denying that Crowley and the thoughts he expressed are interesting, otherwise nobody today would have raised it.

    You need not worry about Aliester Crowley and his "magic" now, he has been dead for a very long time.
  • Me from New York, NyAndrew, if any of us are going to be faced with what you and the ramblings of the bona-fide lunatic who wrote the book of Revelations say are true, then it will have been brought about exclusively by Chrisitians.

    At some point, we'll probably all get bar-coded, or implant-tagged. If we all get binary numbers and they aren't all three sixes, then this will hardly render John's "prophecy" more accurate than the rambles of Nostrodamus, or any modern-day psychic show-person. While any of these are known for their relative astuteness with general trends and the likely impact of existing factors on future events, 1. John never mentioned the US or Russia, but focused on Babylon and Rome, 2. John didn't seem to know a single thing about computer systems, and 3. A true prophecy by one in touch with an omniscient god who sees the future should have been far more accurate than those given by people who do not follow that god, if that god is the true one. Anyway, what John "predicted" has long since happened, and the world as it was then known did indeed end, but here we all are now! The problem is that Christians don't want that to be - you don't want to deal realistically with the conditions we have on the one world which we will ever likely see, and you just can't wait to get your smug revenge on all who deny your nonsense by dragging the unbelievers on their knees before your god, real or not! You hate this life so much that you have made it your business to capitalize on whatever enriches yourselves (and maybe your churches), and the more you talk about "putting it in God's hands", the more you discourage anyone from believing they have the power to change anything for the better. This is most of all why the true enemy of the human race is religion, Christianity no less!
  • Me from New York, NyI'm an old metal fan who lost interest in Maiden before they split up following three increasingly more lame albums in 1993. Now they have a new set of fans, and I will say their new stuff sounds good, but the lyrics really can make you go WTF!!! Turns out that Nicko McBrain (that can't be a real name, LOL) declared himself a Christian, and so many of the new songs reflect this. More people in the world today than ever is making the sensible choice to place reason over dogma, especially in the this band's country the United Kingdom. Still, the sense to choose reason over dogma in most things social, political, and environmental is in dangerously short supply, and the tactic of those who threaten reason (the religious leaders who fear reason) are now pressing unprecedentedly shameful tactics to save their stock in trade. It was bad enough when they attempted the subversion of science with all that "Intelligent Design" nonsense. When they found that most in their target audience would not accept idea-centric rhetoric over the logic of empirical argument, and Christian metal has always been a joke where sell-out loser bands end up, Jesus has apparently taken to offering some of his money to his old enemies for their endorsements. When it happens with so many of them, even Alice Cooper, and now Nicko McBrain (where did he ever get the idea for that fake name, lol), and Ozzy refuses to declare himself atheist (as if trolling for his own slice of the Jesus pie), then here we have it - the latest attack on the culture of free thinkers, atheists, and other groups which a world without would still be fighting pathogens by burning some girls as witches!!!
  • Jon from Sarnia, Onhey matt from calgary do you know the original lead vocallist
  • Jon from Sarnia, Onmaiden is coming to sarnia im so f***ing excited
  • Jon from Sarnia, On666 is everywhere if you look at credit cards library cards reciepts prettywell anything
  • Elvis Sanchez from Abilene, TxIm not saying IM is satanic but you do have to consider Bruce's interest in Aleister Crowley, all IM's lyrics are themed around the occult so obviously there is something there that we don't really know. I've been an Iron Maiden fan for a very long time and I know until much later about Bruce's marked interest in Aleister.
  • Esther from Utrecht, Netherlandsa very remarkable song!!! Deeply and eccentric, very wel done, Iron Maiden! ( oh yes I am a reborn ;-) .....)
  • Esther from Utrecht, NetherlandsThe song contains: Bible texts, observations, wondering emotions, a judgement ( this can't go on)and some more observations coming from a dream. But wasn't the Book of Revelation also a dream? And doesn't it have scary parts also?! ps the 616 /666 number shouldnot move people at all because wasn't there a way to be free?
  • Danielle from Cape Coral, FlTrust me they arn't devil worshipers!!!!!!!! My mom thinks they are but they arn't . She thinks they are because they have that song 666 the number of the beast but tust me i'm a Christan I even go to church school! Also I'm with Zach from Meniffe, CA
  • Andrew from Birmingham, United KingdomIt is a brilliant song and I see nothing satanic regarding the lyrics at all.
    In the song the Number of the Beast, the song states:
    "Six, six, six, the number of the beast
    Six,six six, the one for you and me"

    The one for you and me does not mean that the mark of Satan is what we should follow; It means that the mark of the beast is what we are all going to be faced with when the time comes:

    "And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."
    Revelations 13:17

    My own common sense informs me on what appears to be right or wrong and I feel ordinary trashey pop music reflects satanism more than much persecuted Heavey Metal music
  • Shantell from Tijuana, MexicoHi there,din ´t knew Nikko was a born a again christian,(that´s awesome).In those days,satanist lirics where a gold mine record sale wise.Obviously,Maiden hasn´t and aren´t satanist.this has been stated by band members through out the years.
  • Kennedy from Newport, WaI love this song, and I love Iron Maiden :D
  • James from Newark, , NjOK look I'm a Christian buy I listen to Iron Maiden now what Robert said How is Satan's Work is done a praise? Could mean since his cult followers have taken him in that Satan's work is done. 666 the one for you and me that's because it says in Revelations 13:18 "Let him calculate the number of the beast for it is man's number, it's number is 666." Not a praise to Satan.
  • Fwe from Nar, Azthis songs real meaning is actually that one of the guys crashed his car in a church parking lot brought to the place and it was 666 to fix it
  • Caitlin from Colmesneil, TxMore proof to add to Nick Lamb's list: 5)There is a song on that album called "Hallowed Be Thy Name", which is a quote from the Lord's Prayer. 6)On their next album "Piece of Mind" they again cite a Bible verse, Revelations 21:4. 7)Nicko McBrain is a born again Christian. 8)Any lyrics Iron Maiden have ever written about religion have been about people construing and/or abusing it for their own gain, or using God as an excuse to commit atrocities, like the Crusades...
  • Clinton from Hamilton, OnLook at and read the lyrics. If you paid attention at school and took English classes, you would be able to critique poetry and other styles of verse. If you people were "true" Iron Maiden fans, you would be able to refer to a line in "The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner" : "To teach God's word by his own example,
    That we must love all things that God made."
  • Michael from Galway, IrelandThis Song IS BLOODY HARD ON EXPERT on Guitar Hero 3 Legends Of Rock
  • Sam from Seattle, WaJames, I saw that VH1 program too
  • James from Indianapolis, InI heard this was about a guy who looks over a hill and see's a Satan Worship thing(cant think of the name right now) I think it was said on VH1s classic Top 40 greatest metal songs or VH1s Top 100 Hard Rock songs. Cant remember though.
    Anyway this song rocks!
  • Austin from Bristow, VaI'm a Roman Catholic, and I freaking love this song. Iron Maiden rocks.
  • Mike from Pem Pines, FlI know this song was made in the 80's but they still play in concert. Nicko McBrain is now a christian and I seriously doubt he would play the song is it at at all if it was about satanism.
  • Emarkm from Cheshire, United KingdomTavis, Austin, Texas wrote, "This song is about women It's saying women are the devil......."was a reflection of my woman staring back at me, cause in my freams it's always her, that evil face that twists my mind and brings me to despair". It seems kind of obvious."

    Erm, it's "warped mind", mate, not "woman"!
  • Myra from Chicago, IlI agree with ya all the way Jason! They can all choke on the smoke! We'll be there to watch! >=) 666 the number of the beast!!!!!! IRON MAIDEN RULES!
  • Jason from Denver, CoWhat cracks me up about the so called "religeous groups" is when they have these STUPID record or book burnings. I hope they realize that these items had to be paid for, therefore the artists and the authors have already profited from the sale. After making MILLIONS from them, I really don't think they care. Go ahead burn all the albums and books you want. I hope you all CHOKE on the smoke!!!
  • Glenn from Barstow, CaAnd also Travis, he doesn't even say woman right there... he says "a reflection of my warped mind staring back at me? Cuz in my dreams, it's always there. The evil thing that..."
  • Glenn from Barstow, CaWhile there are a bunch of various coincidences involving this song, the more you read into just about anything there are several. That is just what they are: coincidences. As for all that think the band is satanic, screw off. Bruce says on the Live After Death DVD, just before playing the song Revelations, "Any of you remember an album called The Number Of The Beast by any chance? This next song is not actually on that album, its on the album Peace of Mind, but you might remember on The Number Of The Beast album we got all this crap from people what was it? Being Devil worshippers and all that kind of stuff 'Oh Iron Maidens Satanic!' and the answer is NO WE'RE NOT! And I wish these people would F*** off and die..." My point is that just because you talk about satan doesn't mean that you are a satanic person. Many 'christian' bands talk of satan and hell, so are they really satanic? not saying that maiden is christian, but they're certainly not satanic. and to Cody from Houston AK, he does specifically say in the song "What did I see? Could I believe that what I saw that night was real and not just fantasy?" he also says "Can this still be real or just some crazy dream", and again, "Just what I saw in my old dreams were they reflections of my warped mind staring back at me", this clearly shows that it was referring to a dream. and robert, from san diego, as a fellow christian, I did some research and a great portion of the song, flat out, reflects revelations. In fact the a cappello quote in the beginning is taken directly from Rev. 13:18. and Travis from Austin, you should really think a lot before typing stupid crap... he says It's always there, not her.
  • Sean from Round Rock , TxI'm a heavy christian, but I LOVE Iron Maiden!
  • Moon Man from Nashville, TxI used to listen to that song many years ago because i thought it was cool. I dont care what anyone says but when they say stuff like "666 the one for you and me" and the rest it just feels wrong to me to listen to but you know alot of heavy metal music has been labeled 'satanic' so where do you draw the line. Maybe i should just be like a puritan and not do anything bad ever again but you go back(at least i did) to the music you grew up with. its a dilema!
  • Paul from Belleville, OnJoel from Cambridge City is 100% correct. Way, way too many people read way, way too much into this.
  • Tavis from Austin, TxThis song is about women It's saying women are the devil......."was a reflection of my woman staring back at me, cause in my freams it's always her, that evil face that twists my mind and brings me to despair". It seems kind of obvious
  • Joe from ??, KyDickinson's scream at the end of the intro is almost scary. From what I hear, producer Martin Birch had him sing the beginning over and over, which apparently frustrated the crap out of him, leading to the greatest scream in the history of rock and roll.
  • Paul from Athens, GreeceDo you think that Paul Di'Anno could sing such a song better than Dickinson ? I Wonder ...
  • Tim from Hell, Mithis song describes how iron maidens mascot eddie likes to swim in the atlantic ocean. it really gets into detail about how king kong ended the cold war in 1842, and how lammas can never b trusted, verry pasionent song
  • Matt from Manistee, Mii compleatly agree with Zach, Meniffe, CA
  • Dubravko from Kakanj, BosniaMost of Iron Maiden 'fans' think that they're satanists, but that "satanism " is only the way to express their POSITIVE ideas. - - This is my favourite song of Iron maiden ( by "the Clansman")
  • Zach from Meniffe, CaWhen Bruce says "666....The Number For You And Me"
    its true. In the Bible it says the number of the human is 6. Any ways im a Christian and i strongly
    love and believe in GOD, and Maiden is my favorite band!
  • Yoseph from Cupertino, CaIm Christian and honestly, i dont CARE if it says 666, its still an awesome song. the "YEAH!" has to be the coolest YEAH! in history.
  • Evan from Otway, OhOK, honestly...Iron Maiden aren't devil worshippers! Just because the song says 666 in the chorus, and because the name of the album/title track say number and beast in the same sentence...well, it doesn't mean anything, except that the Maiden crew can create some good album art, and come up with some awesome story-telling lyrics. Second favorite Maiden song...WE LOVE YOU EDDIE!! I mean...MAIDEN!!
  • Joshua from London, EnglandThis is a good song but most you guys are taking it to seriously
  • Ringgo from Montclair, CaI still cant believe Bruce Dickinson cant do that scream in the song live least that's what I've read in a magazine recently.
  • Dee from Northfield, IlThis is interesting, the current drummer for Iron Maiden, Nicko McBrain, is a Born-Again (Christian)! He is actually GLAD to perform this song, which he says is a warning against Satanism. Pretty crazy, isn't it?
  • Nick Lamb from Sarnia, CanadaEven more proof Maiden does not worship satan,

    1) The beginning starts with a quote from revalations which is in the BIBLE so obviously, Maiden had to have looked in a bible at some point
    2) On the inside of the CD's case, behind the CD, there is a picture of Eddie holding Satan's head in his hand (kinda like Jason hold's Freddie's head in Freddie VS. Jason) meaning that Eddie, a fictional character can defeat the devil
    3) Last page of the inside cover of the album booklet it says: "This album is dedicated to Headbangers, Earthdogs, Rivet Heads, Hell Rats, And Metal Maniacs everywhere" in there it does not say: "Satanists, Hell Lovers" or anything of the sort
    4)Last page of the inside cover of the album booklet it has a "Thanks" and "Special Thanks" section where no satanic figures are named

    I don't think those anti-rockers thought about that and if anyone can beat that evidence of anti-satanisim from Maiden that be my guest and Rock On!
    Droogie 27
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandOn the Album, the devil character is using the priest as a marionette puppet and holding his strings to manipulate him but you look higher up, Eddie is doing the exact same thing with the Devil
  • Matt from Manchester, EnglandYes we all know it's about a dream, and I'm sure if some of our own darkest dreams were ever made into a song they would cause a little controversy. 80's metal bands all got labelled as satanists, mainly because of the image and do-gooder christian types adding 1+1 together and coming up with 666. Real devil worshippers don't take things so lightly. They operate in the most secretive and elusive of ways, and certainly don't advertise for young recruits by making records.
  • Hannam from Auckland, New ZealandHas any 1 heard any music from bruce dickinsons other band,buce and the millionaires??
  • Hannam from Auckland, New ZealandFACT:Jesus was not the son of joseph.He was born in Bethlehem,a town of the province of JUDAEA.So he was JUDAEAN,not JEWISH,yet he aapted the jewish religion,but was involved in a Nazarene or NAZARITE sect. No;JOSEPH,44,wasn't Mr.Christ.Jesus was (supposedly)the Son of GOD,no,NOT Mr.Christ (Senior), but the SUPREME BEING,CREATOR OF ALL THINGS..David was also a Christ.But NOT Mr.Christ.Elijah was a Christ too, but also NOT Mr.Christ.GOD says in the old testament 'I am GOD.I am the only GOD,there is no other.' FACT: Mary was a 'virgin'.A 'young woman' or nun.14 years old.not an undeflorated 'virgin'.Mary married joseph after jesus was born.Marys last name was...??
    No...not Mrs.Christ.GOD puts his 'seed' in her. Yet they never had sex.Divine Artificial Insemination and shes still a 'virgin'.9 months later,Jesus is about to be born,so her hymen needs to be broken.Jesus of Joseph,aka Yeshua ben Yoseph - Jesus of Joseph,yet he really wasn't.

  • Hannam from Auckland, New Zealand666 is an unholy number thought to be linked with Satan as he always will try to bring forth a counterfeit to undermine GODs greatness..yes...As GOD's number is represented numerously (over 700 times,i believe)as if christ was his son ...his #'s would be 777 too?? and the holy ghost's too??
    But notice the scripture states'...It is a 'HUMAN NUMBER' not a fallen angels number,its- not his. '...number is '666'.(or '616').'Let him have understanding'...Let those'IN THE KNOW',possibly in the secret MYSTERY SCHOOLS of that era,add up,find the value of that number,or what it represents.Forget the Hollywood ideals,their just trying to throw you off track.Notice how only Catholics can perform an exorcism on those horrors...and the anti-evil fighter is a Roman catholic priest...its never a 7 day adventist or a baptist, eh?
  • Hannam from Auckland, New ZealandThe guy who did the voice for vince price on 'number of the beast i recall his name was John...(??)and the 'eddie' artist on it is Japanese....The symbol on all the albums I was told represents eddie's 'spirit(?),ant the band members...souls, linked??
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  • Hannam from Auckland, New ZealandRev:Your mind wont be your own.It will be of the devil.evil.Perhaps through mind control,your thoughts are not of GOD but a mindset for Satan.So you will reject any need for GOD.
    Apparently John,exiled to Patmos, is thought to have been talking about events IN HIS ERA,but it is been made to fit ours.The mark is a symbol of a nation?
    Some claimed it was the new euro,thats why many young germans rejected it.Some say it's the new 'SMARTCARD'.Many countries refused it,except Malaysia.Some scripture in Revelations says John saw 3 unclean frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon.Satan brings forth 3 unholy,unclean evils -1)False doctrines?or fundamentalism?? I'm a little unsure,ask your preacher about this first 1. 2) Communism - maybe communism disguised or merged with democracy 3) and Islam(extremeism/terrorism,(not pure islam) which has arisen,yes?
  • Hannam from Auckland, New ZealandThe scripture Rev 13 states 'slave or free is forced to have a mark put on his her 'hand or forehead' is symbolic.To be unable to trade or buy unless you had the mark, mening if you choose to be 'Christian, you are automatically given the seal of GOD upon your head,invisibly,spiritually so GOD knows you r his.But if you r a non-believer,you r automatically an antichrist,you are the devils property, and have automatically(without knowledge or consent) accepted the 'mark' or seal of Satan.In the 'last days',perhaps when the Christ comes back to earth, your Satanic seal is permanent,and the only way to remove it is to cut off your head....The mark is not neccessarily a microchip implant,or a new Bankcard or ID card, but commonly translated as the hand represents your career/work,that you will be forced to do work not of your choosing,for next to nothing,almost slave labour.The head represents your mind,perhaps it won't be your own as it is now,meaning you might be under strong mind control by big brother,Apparently the CIA in the 60's,planned to have a mind controlling drug,and came up with LSD.But it didnt prove to be effective for their purposes.
  • Ghost from Belair, Mdyou people are buying into it and thinkimg too much. its a song,stop trying to associate everything with 666

    6+6+6 equals 18... and take a peak at the position the single reached. Spooky.
    - brian, Mayfield Heights, OH

    Supposedly when they were singing this song their manager got in a car crash and the bill for the repairs came to exactly 666 pounds.
    - Kevin, Campbell River, Canada

    this is exactly what the people who say rock is evil do, try to find all the ties with evil they can
  • Apoorv from Bhopal, Indiaone of the most fascinating songs.the hebrew word for 6 is vav which when translated to english gives "w".so 666 shall mean "www" or the world wide web!!!!!!!!!
    i guess u now know who the beast really is!
  • Devon from Westerville, Ohthis song has nothing to do with devil worshiping. aside from that the song is phenominal. pretty easy on guitar though. also the main riff of this song is similar to "Run to the hills"
  • Dylan from Perth, AustraliaIt is about the Beast inhabiting him, "I will return, Im comin' back, Ill posses your body"It is one of the best maiden songs, up there with 2 minutes to midnight and Run to the hills.Izzy from Vernon hills you retard, everyone knows that.Tom from Trowbridge is right, they are only words, just like the band Cannibal corpse arent actually cannibals
  • Matt from Calgary, CanadaSomeone said:
    I think this song was about the lead soigner's mishap with a cult on some tour. I just think if rumors were true, and it is about a dream, the song would have some inclanation to it. IM weren't like other metal bands like Metallica and stuff. They were pretty straight forward with their song meanings through the lyrics like in The Trooper. First time hearing that song, I instantly knew not only that it was about a war, but I knew which war.
    - Cody, Houston, AK

    First, you spelt singer wrong.
    Second it couldn't have been about thier "singer's" expiriance with a cult because it was Writen by thier bassist, Steve Harris.
    Third thier singer has a name, Bruce Dickenson.

    Sorry if i got carried away but when it comes to Iron Maiden I get a bit personal.

    Up The Irons
  • Al from NewportRobert, please don't open your mouth unless you know what you are talking about. The dream the song is based on was of Steve Harris being taken in by a Satanist cult and then breaking away from them at the end. Ever hear the line "This can't go on, I must inform the law"? Seems pretty clear to me that that backs up Steve Harris trying to stop the cult. Which in turn would mean that the chorus lyrics are actually spoken by the members of the cult itself, and not by Steve. Which would mean that it isn't his opinion, but rather he is telling a story which includes the opinion of fictional satanists.
  • Frodo from The ShireControversial in the States, but a classic song nonetheless. One of Maiden's signature songs.
  • Sujiv from Colombo, OtherThat little thing about Vincent Price having done the intro,the intro was actually done by an obscure dramatist who read horror stories on BBC.Price refused to do the intro for anything less than 20thousand punds which the band was not prepared to pay.Hence the bbc man,whose name evryone has now forgotten,put on his best vincent price voice,and did an excellent job of it
  • Robert from San Diego, CaThe cover to Number of the Beast actually depicts Eddie as the puppet master for the devil or Satan who in turn is the puppet master of what appears to be a tiny version of Eddie. As for the lyrics, "666 the number of the beast, 666 the one for you and me" ... "Satan's work is done..." is a praise to Satan no matter how you try and slice it. Just read the lyrics without listening to the music and you will see that there is nothing pleasant about the situation unless you are an atheist or a satanist. Then ask yourself "Is this who I really want to be?"

    I do admit that mechanically, this is a great song. However, I am Christian and do wish that the lyrics praised God instead of Satan

  • Danny from Sydney, AustraliaThe album cover for number of the beast wasn't Eddie fighting the devil in hell, that was 'Run to the Hills' (another excellent Maiden song). The cover for the album 'The Number of the Beast' shows Eddie puppeteering the devil, and the cover for the single of 'The Number of the Beast' shows Eddie holding the devil's severed head.
  • Dee from Indianapolis, InInteresting input on this song to say the least. This was the 1st Iron Maiden song I really knew but felt guilty listening to it when I was younger. I grew up in a household where rock music was considered bad no matter who was singing or what the lyrics were. I am 36 now and listen to various music from Classical to Country, from Metal to Punk, from Christian to Indie and almost everything in between. As a Christian myself I would be careful who I let listen to some of the tunes I enjoy, but I have a hard time believing that a song will influnce you to act out what it presents. I may not always condone an artist personal stance on things, but I still can appreciate good music just the same.
  • Peter from Buenos Aires, ArgentinaThe thing that's funny that nobody notices is that in Revelation chapter 13, the Beast is not the Devil, it is just a Beast. The Devil is a completely different person. I guess the band got that wrong too.
  • Bob from Tecumseh, Okthis is pretty awsome and dont think there devil worshippers but can someone tell if they really are email me at
  • Steven from Middleboro, Mai saw at the top of this screen that it said this song is about the ommen 2, that is completely wrong! It is actulually about a dream that steve harris, the bass player if you didn't know, had. In it was a women who was actulually satan.
  • Josh from Las Vegas, NvDamn, This is one hell of a song
  • IngÃ?lfur from ReykjavÃ?k, Iceland'Supposedly when they were singing this song their manager got in a car crash and the bill for the repairs came to exactly 666 pounds.
    - Kevin, Campbell River, Canada '

    Actually, that happened just after they finished recording The number of the beast, not before. By the way, he crashed into a bus full of nuns !
  • Kevin from Campbell River, CanadaSupposedly when they were singing this song their manager got in a car crash and the bill for the repairs came to exactly 666 pounds.
  • Chad from Andover, MnThere's something that's proven false now. Apparently, "666" isn't "The Number Of The Beast" it's "616"
  • Nick from Tehachapi, Ca I don't believe that this song praises Satan at all. It's just about what it would be like if you had to stay behind after Christ takes all the believers.
  • Todd from Denver, CoI think too much is read into music in general, and 80's metal in particular in regard to the "satanic" angle. The Rolling Stones did "Sympathy For The Devil" long before KISS, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and AC/DC existed. It sold records, largely because of the mystique and the buzz it created. Record companies and bands want to make money, and topics like this pull in the rebel teenage boys that spend the money. All of the above listed bands have denied any satanic ties.
  • Sam from Stourbrige, Englandthis song got me hooked on iron maiden
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandYeah, Naved if Eddie, a fictitious character, can defeat the devil it symbolizes that anyone can overcome evil. The fundamentalists didn't think of that, did they?
  • Naved from London, EnglandDitto Tom from Trowbridge! I'm a practising Muslim who prays five times every,day, and I rock just as hard. Something happened today: my 7 year old daughter said a 'teacher' at her evening Islamic class told her pop music was bad...but don't worry she knows how to Rock In Rio too! Iron Maiden is a collection of intelligent works, mastery in motion. It's deep yet nothing is hidden. And the irony for me is, Eddie actually defeats the devil!
  • Cody from Houston, AkI think this song was about the lead soigner's mishap with a cult on some tour. I just think if rumors were true, and it is about a dream, the song would have some inclanation to it. IM weren't like other metal bands like Metallica and stuff. They were pretty straight forward with their song meanings through the lyrics like in The Trooper. First time hearing that song, I instantly knew not only that it was about a war, but I knew which war.
  • Izzy from Vernon Hills, Il666 is the "number" for satan.
  • Charlie from Thomaston, Dcbest maiden song
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandIron Maiden, and this song, rock like there's no tomorrow! I'm a Christian but why should that stop me from listening to bands that use satanic imagery? It's not to be taken seriously and most of it's just metaphorical anyway! Besides, I want to know what all the fundamentalist groups have against Rock music; is there an 11th commandment that says 'Thou shall not listen to Rock'? Don't think so! I mean, if you're going to ban Rock n' Roll then you might as well ban TV, books, sports, everything that's leisurely and enjoyable! Let's all just read the bible 24/7 and never have any fun at all; they'd like that wouldn't they!
  • Quicksilver from Santa Cruz, Caaliester crowley called himself "the beast" and used the number 666
  • Brian from Mayfield Heights, Oh6+6+6 equals 18... and take a peak at the position the single reached. Spooky.
  • Brett from Edmonton, CanadaThe song was based off a dream of Steve Harris' which in turn was inspired by a vieweing of Omen II, as I understand it.
  • Jeff from Haltom City, TxI wrote the above, that this song was based on a movie, because I once read an interview with the band in which one of the members said that the song was based on that movie. However, I no longer have the magazine that contained this interview, so can't tell you which it was. I've never seen the movie Omen 2, either. The movie is clearly about conservative Christian superstition, not necessarily the song. The song does reflect the teachings of this religion, however.
  • Joel from Cambridge City, InActually, according to the book "Running Free" the biography of Iron Maiden, this song is based off of a dream that Steve Harris had. Having an active mind and imagination like that is why he says he never got into drugs. His mind was a crazy enough place as it is!
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