Album: Killers (1981)
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  • This song is about an angry young man searching for his unknown father, presumably with violent intentions: "My mother was a queen, my dad I've never seen, I was never meant to be. Now I spend my time looking all around, for a man that is now where to be found." >>
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    Ryan - Bethany, OK

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  • Shaun W from UkI interpreted the song as a comment on the Elite families of the world that plot for world dominations such as the Bilderbergs, Windsors, Bush’, Rocklafellas, and the Rothschilds (Wrathchild). A member of the Rothschild family have an illicit affair, the offspring is rejected from the elite, his existence dammed, dose not inherited wealth or power from the Rotherchild trust, but he is imbued with the congenital psychopathic tendencies from his regal bloodline.

    "Born into a scene,”
    They (the 1%, the elite) control the media, news, pop culture, tech, politics, education, ... and so they the create a theatre of reality (“the world is but a stage” – Old Shakey).

    “…angriness and greed, "
    The elite families are psychotic totalitarian, gluttons for power.

    "... Dominance and persecution"
    They believe they are of higher breading than us, they are our masters and we their surfs. In order to live their life of luxury they need to keep us down in the dirt and submissive.

    "My mother was a queen",
    Royalty are one of the Elite's family blood lines.

    "my dad I've never seen, I was never meant to be"
    His mother stepped beyond the elite’s code of eugenics and slept with a commoner.

    "Say it doesn't matter, ain't nothing gonna alter, The course of my destination"
    The New World Order, if true, controls all politics , all governments and all industries, all economics … it doesn’t matter who is voted into office, the elite are still in power.

    “I know I've gotta find serious peace of mind, Or I know I'll just go crazy”
    His personality is split, as are his blood lines: one a normal commoner other psychopathy elite.

    “Until I find him I'm never gonna stop searching, I'm going to find my man”
    He wants to find and kill his father for cursing his existence, he is a King without a kingdom.
  • Rocket Brigade from Ne EnglandMy interpretation would be the subject was conceived by rape and/or domestic abuse. "Born into a scene Of angriness and greed, Of dominance and persecution". "I was never meant to be". And at some point, someone is going to be very sorry of their actions...
  • João from Portugalthis song Wrathchild seems to be related to the prophet Moses or Sargon of Akkad, who was the first ruler of the Acadian empire. In ancient Sumeria. Sargon and Moses share the same life story. Check Wikipedia. Sargon was born from a empress and never met his father, and so did the prophet Moses. There you have it.
  • Erny Lopez from Costa Rica, San JoseLove this song!!!
  • Mike from Helena, MtThe song was not written by Paul Di'anno and was not specifically about his childhood. "Wrathchild", like many other Iron Maiden songs, was written by Steve Harris.
  • Jimi from London, United KingdomAgain with this song, Paul Di`anno, never met his dad, cos he was young when his dad died, so his mother raised him along with his grandfather who paul loved dearly... so this was written by paul about himself.

  • Sillyrabbit from San Antonio, TxThough this song appeared on their second album, it was actually written prior to the release of the first album. As a bit of trivia, this song contains the phrase "piece of mind", which is the title of the band's fourth album.
  • Ryan from Bethany, Oka maiden classic
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