Show Me The Way To Go Home

Album: not released on an album (1925)


  • According to Don Tyler in American Popular Music of the Pre-Rock Era, this popular song was penned by Irving King in 1925, and has been "a favorite of the imbibing set since it was written..." The story however is not that simple; Irving King was actually two English songwriters: Jimmy Campbell (1903-67) and Reg Connelly (1895?-1963).

    In addition to that, the song is not entirely original, and is supposedly based on a folk song of English or Irish origin, although no one seems to know what. Its melody has an extremely limited range of notes, so it could be practically anything.
  • "Show Me The Way To Go Home" was recorded by Vincent Lopez and his Orchestra; a popular recording was made by Billy Jones in 1926. It is also famously sung in the film Jaws. Its title has long become a cliché.
  • Although they were both lyricists for the most part, Campbell and Connelly wrote this one together. There is an interesting connection here with both Mark Knopfler and Al Stewart: Campbell was born in Newcastle, where Knopfler grew up; one of his songs, "Down To The Waterline", was inspired by an early romance there. Connelly was born at Buckhurst Hill, East London, where Knopfler lived while working as a lecturer at Loughton College, and indeed his song "Eastbound Train" was inspired by the Underground journey from New Cross to Buckhurst Hill. Connelly died at Bournemouth, which according to Al Stewart in his epic song "Love Chronicles" is where he lost his virginity, and Campbell died in London, to which, like many British songwriters, both the Glasgow born Stewart and the Glasgow born Knopfler moved in search of fame and fortune, although Stewart would later relocate to California. >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England, for above 3


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