Love Chronicles

Album: Love Chronicles (1970)
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  • This is Stewart's epic autobiographical love song covering everything from his first kindergarten love and his first kiss to the at times sordid promiscuity of Swinging London during the '60s.
  • The album was difficult to release in the United States, being withdrawn at the last moment when the heads of Columbia Records took exception to the dreaded "F" word which actually appears only once in the song.
  • In January 1970, Melody Maker named Love Chronicles its Folk Album Of The Year. >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England, for above 2
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  • Bill from San Francisco, Ca Al has claimed that this is the first song recorded with the F word in it. But he then goes on to defend it by saying it is put in the correct context: And where I thought that just plucking / the fruits of the bed were enough / it grew to be less like f__cking / and more like making love
    Al also says he wasn't very worried about it. It comes at 16 minutes into a 18 minute song, and he didn't figure it would be getting a lot of air play. He was wrong, and during a 1973 (I think) tour around British universities, he announced to disappointed audiences that this would be the last time he would ever be singing it.
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