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Album: Born Sinner (2013)
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  • The song features Cole's Dreamville colleague Bas on the last verse, whilst 50 Cent lends his talents on the hook. Cole relived his studio session with Fif during a visit to MTV News' RapFix Live: "We're in the day and age where you just send it away and it comes back but I actually recorded with TLC and 50 Cent," he said.

    "He just happened to be L.A. and I had that song," Cole added. "I'd stolen 50 Cent melodies and was humming it on the hook like, 'Man, if 50 do this hook, it'll be so amazing.' And he came through the studio in L.A., so it was crazy."

    "I played him the joint, and when the hook came on, he was like, 'I could tell you was thinking about me when you did the melodies,' so he just sat and filled in the words. I got to literally watch 50 Cent sit there and write. It was wild."
  • This is the 18th track on the deluxe version of Cole's album Born Sinner. The song also featured on the third EP of Cole's Truly Yours mixtape series.
  • The song title refers both to the time Cole spent in New York City and to the newspaper of the same name.
  • Fun Trivia: It takes about 63,000 trees to make the newsprint for the average Sunday edition of The New York Times.


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