We Are The Champions

Album: News Of The World (1977)
Charted: 2 4
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  • Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury wrote this. All four members of Queen contributed hit songs to the band's repertoire. Brian May wrote this song's counterpart, "We Will Rock You."
  • Freddie Mercury stated: "I was thinking about football when I wrote it. I wanted a participation song, something that the fans could latch on to. Of course, I've given it more theatrical subtlety than an ordinary football chant. I suppose it could also be construed as my version of 'I Did It My Way.' We have made it, and it certainly wasn't easy. No bed of roses as the song says. And it's still not easy."
  • This was released as a double A-side single with "We Will Rock You." On the album, it flows seamlessly from "We Will Rock You," which led disc jockeys to play the songs together. Even when CDs allowed the tracks to be separated, the two songs were still usually played together.
  • This is commonly played at victory celebrations by sports teams, especially in the US. This extends to victory parades in a addition to on-field celebrations, where it is often played alongside Kool & the Gang's "Celebration."
  • Since the song was written with audience participation in mind, it is not intended as a boast on behalf of the band - "We" refers to everyone who is singing along at that time. The same holds true for its counterpart, "We Will Rock You."
  • In 1992, a New Jersey high school helped revive this song in America. Students in Clifton, New Jersey asked to sing it at their graduation, but the principal refused because he associated it with Freddie Mercury, who had died of AIDS the year before. This led the students to flood New York radio station Z100 with requests for the song, which the station started playing in sympathy for their cause. Queen had already been revived in the US by "Bohemian Rhapsody," which was used in the movie Wayne's World, so their appeal to the next generation was evident. "We Are The Champions" caught on as well, prompting their record company to re-release the single, which made #52.
  • This was used in the end credits of the 1992 movie The Mighty Ducks, starring Emilio Estevez. Two years later, it was played again at the end credits of the sequel, D2, in the scene where the team is huddled around a fire and they are singing the song. As a result, the song became more popular among teens and children who play sports. The movie spawned a new name for an NHL team a year after the first movie was made. Both the team (The Mighty Ducks) and the movie are owned by Disney. >>
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  • In 2001, Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor recorded a new version of this with British singer Robbie Williams. This version was used in the movie A Knight's Tale.
  • Gavin DeGraw recorded this for the 2005 Queen tribute album Killer Queen. >>
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  • Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso sang the song after winning the 2005 Chinese Grand Prix, securing the Contructors' title for his team, Renault. The team later released an MP3 of the song being "played" by the engine they had used in that season, with the different notes played by changing engine speeds to adjust the pitch of the engine sound and exhaust note.

    A few years later in 2009, Jenson Button repeated this trick when he won the driver's championship for Brawn GP - singing the song over the radio on his slowdown lap at the Brazilian GP.
  • This song featured in a 2014 commercial for the Audi A3. In the spot, various celebrities, including the actress Kristen Schaal and the chef David Chang, recite lines from the song before Ricky Gervais to turn up the car's radio for the chorus.
  • Donald Trump used this song at campaign rallies when he was running for the Republican nomination in 2016. On June 8, Brian May posted a message on his website, stating, "I can confirm that permission to use the track was neither sought nor given. We are taking advice on what steps we can take to ensure this use does not continue. Regardless of our views on Mr. Trump's platform, it has always been against our policy to allow Queen music to be used as a political campaigning tool. Our music embodies our own dreams and beliefs, but it is for all who care to listen and enjoy."

    The song fit Trump's theme of "winning," and knowing May had no legal ground to stop him from using it, he continued to do so, including on July 18 when he used it as his entrance music on opening night of the Republican Convention in Cleveland. "We're going to win so big," he said when he took the microphone.
  • Brian May, Roger Taylor and singer Adam Lambert recorded a new version of the song to honor frontline workers during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. Queen released the inspiring new version, titled "You Are The Champions" on April 2020, with all proceeds going towards Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund for The World Health Organization.

    The idea came about when the three virtually jammed out to the song on Instagram and Lambert changed the lyrics mid-song to "You are the champions."

    "You Are The Champions" was a big hit in Japan, topping the country's National Radio Air Play Chart for International Music.

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  • Kyle Knapp from Omaha NeI was recently asked to perform an acoustic version of this song at a funeral. The deceased, who was in his 90's, and had been a high school sports coach in a small midwestern town, had specifically asked for it before he passed.
  • Dan from UsaYou got the lyrics wrong. There's no "of the world" at the end of the song. It ends with "we are the champions."
  • Bridget from CoFor some reason, during summer camp some of the boys were switching up to the lyrics to "We are the failures" and "We are the winners."
  • Alfie from IndianaWhen my daughters played softball we played "We will rock you" on the way to the game and in the dugout. We played "We are the champions" on the way home. (Hopefully). Very inspiring songs.
  • Markantney from BiloxeUtter Genius to have WWRY and WATC back to back.

    Is there a smoother intro (lyric) than that Piano and Freddie (SANGin) "I've Paid My Dues..."
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnBig beautiful song.
  • Joel from Seaside, Ori have a friend and we listen to the song(WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS)on our way to a football on our ipods before a really big game cuz it gets us pumped up for it even when its raining hard and the wind is realy blowing(like today) or if its on a nice sunny day.
  • Joel from Seaside, Orthis is a song i used in my jornal prompts and i like it alot cuz i listen to it evryday
  • Jeremy from Ventura, Calol u can play We Will Rock You when the team is entering the field, and then We Are The Champions (if/when) the win!!! its brilliant
  • Rick from Lafayette, Colorado, CoI wrote the book Miss-takes: Life's Teachable Moments. In "We are the Champions", Queen sings "my misstakes, I've made a few." This shows the human side, but the song ends triumphantly. Miss-takes are going to happen, but don't let them slow you down. Remember- "a man fears the tiger that bit him last, instead of the tiger that will bite him next."
  • Polly from Anna, IlThis song brings many wonderful memories of Friday nights at the football stadium; especially the year we were undedeated! High school days are gone :(
  • Dave from Lacrosse, WiOne day I was driving in my car with my daughter who has PDD/NOS (an autistic spectrum disorder) She was bumming out because she has to struggle more than most to communicate. She's got a tough row to hoe...anyway, We Are the Champions by Queen came on the radio. I began to sing along with it and told her that WE are the champions. By the end of the song she had totally cheered up and we were high fiving! Ever since, this has been our little inspirational song.
  • Andrew from Birmingham, United StatesThis was paired up with "We Will Rock You". Those two are related somehow - they sound like appropriate hits for sport events. Well, at least "We Are the Champions". Think about it: "We are the champions of the world." Could it be football? Baseball? Whatever it is, "We Will Rock You" sounds more rock-star-like, but it's played at sporting events.
  • Russ from Richmond, VaI guess Freddie took this one to his grave... If your a Queen fan I'm sure you don't want to know this but let the truth be known... The song's a rocker and one of my fav's but lyrically from beginning to end this is a song highlighting the struggles (at the time) of gays in the world. Freddie goes after this one as a "fist-pumping, rally cry". Take a second look and try to place yourself in the mind set. Again, it's a great song but lyrically it is what it is!
  • Rachel from Cleveland, AlThis is the stupidest song I think I've ever heard!!
  • Ali from Izmir, Lala a.q nasýl indircem bunuuuuu yazý al sana a.q
  • Jasen from Milford, MiDarrell, thats the saddest thing I've ever heard
  • Darrell from EugeneSeveral years ago, they used this song in a prescription erectile-dysfunction drug commercial (I believe that it was Viagra, but this old, overloaded brain apparently discarded that information), and after my girlfriend started joking about getting Viagra for me, I sold all of my vinyl, 8-tracks, cassettes and CDs of Queen to a local record store. No more Queen for me!
  • Atomicsushi from Qc, OtherI think another victory song that would be sweet for sports is R.Kelly's World's Greatest
  • Gregory Spielman from Sacramento, CaIf you play this song around me anywhere, at anytime I fall to the ground crying, it is the most triumphant song of all time, it is the anthem to life 4 anyone who's ever wanted to succeed, you can't tell me you when you were a kid you didn't invision yourself making a wnning shot, catching a winning touchdown or hitting a home run to win a championship, then this song playing, its the perfect song 4 victory and none compare to it, period, it pertains in no way to homosexuality, how weird are the people on here making those inuindos, go comment on an police song or somthing, wow
  • Jenna Madsen from Eureka!, Caim not too sure if i like this song much. it has a triumphant feeling to it, but it is so commonly played that it can get real tiring. however, it is nice to hear the melody after a victorious win.
  • Pranab from New Delhi, IndiaI am kinda outsider in the community but that never stopped me...
    I love this song and it reminds me of one of the greatest competition that we won.
    Cheers to Queen.
  • Rusty from Arlen, Txi believe freddy on this one i say it is about having bad times but then making it through
  • D from EdmontonI always viewed this song to be about how the band worked hard and achieved their goal of being a famous rock band.
  • Jonathon from Clermont, FlI don't care what it means, it's a damn good song!
  • Billy from Otway, OhIn That Very Simpsons Episode,Homer SIngs The Song Like This.
    "I Am The Champion,I AM THE CHAMPION,No Time For Losers,Cause I AM THE CHAMPION.....OF THE WORLD!"
  • Tonya from Murry, Kygreat song what ells can i say well i'm going to go complain about another song seeya
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScI thought it was "I've had my share of sad kicks in my face." I guess that could also make sense.
  • Amy from Dallas, Tx*sigh* Floyd.. wheres the link to the source? The song was written for a sport team, and has nothing to do with what you said.
  • Floyd from Cf, IaI read somewhere that we are the champions is a gay ballad... lines like, "I've had my share of sand kicked in my face", and "I've done my sentence but commited no crime" signify the trials of being homosexual... go figure
  • Fyodor from Denver, CoI like We Will Rock You, but I detest this song. So when We Will Rock You comes on the radio, I pray We Are The Champions won't follow it, but usually to no avail. ARRRRGH!!
  • Caitlin from Upper Township, NjThis song is great! First of all, if its Queen, it has to be great!Not just for sporting events, but for any acomplishment
  • Amy from Dallas, TxBest band in the world.
  • Whitequeen from A Place, FlI do not think this song is about homosexuals/bisexuals. I think its just about the band... being famous and THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD! I almost got in a fist fight with this lady who said this song was conceited. She didnt like the line "no time for losers" but then again, she not all too happy woth gays/bisexuals. Ugh how can anyone say anything BAD bout QUEEN????
    lol sry for so many caps:-)
  • Geoff from Melbourne, AustraliaI have never seen this published before anywhere but maybe it has. It sounds to me at each chorus that one of the later refrains of "we are the champions" line sounds a lot like the lyric is "queen are the champions", perhaps sung by Roger. What do you think?
  • Freddie from Orlando, FlWell Mr George from PA, if your so dang bothered by there being no better songs to inspire sports and such-- why dont YOU write something better? Good freaking luck, darling.
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Caabout knights tale i agree. my history teacher made us watch it because it is "educational" and it looked promising in the beginning since they played we will rock you...nevertheless it sucked.
  • Rick from Humboldt, IaDave in washington dc, are you trying to tell me that freddie mercury sang every part on bohemian rhapsody? because i'm pretty sure that it's four part harmony, and that roger taylor definitely sang all those incredibly high notes.
  • George from Telford, PaI grow so tired of this INCREDIBLY overplayed song. This along with We Will Rock You are played over and over in just about every sporting venue that it makes me sick. The sad thing is that there are no other "victory" songs out there to replace them.
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Cai think this song is about homosexuals too.
  • Dan from Lee, NhQueen does an amazing job bulding up their song unlike some other bands we know of cough cough (Mettalica) cough cough (AC/DC). I like this song slightly more than We Will Rock You, but they are both great songs.
  • Sara from Quinton, OkThis song is in the running to be the senior theme at my HS graduation. The ones who asked for it picked it because it's so perfect for the end of high school. "I paid my sentence but committed no crime" - We gave twelve years to this place for no fault of our own. "And bad mistakes, I've made a few" - Duh. We've all screwed up in school and in life. And then the triumphant, "Weeeee are the champions my friends" - We did it! Go Class of 06!!! Haha
  • Freddie from Orlando, FlChampions is such an eternal balad. I cant stand it when others try to sing or recreate it... it make my heart hurt for some reason. I try to see the good of it, see it as respect for Freddie, but i really cant help but feeling like theyre stealing something the came FROM HIS SOUL-- and making it theirs. stealing it, forgetting him. Freddie was more amazing than any other musicain I have ever heard. His voice is so amazing in this song(and it always is, but you know.) No one else cam hit the way he held FIGHTING on the second chorus... no one can jsut... DO it the way he did! he had the voice of an ANGEL. angels in heaven must sound like Freddie did on earth.
  • Brad from Gainesville, FlYeah, I saw Green Day recently in Orlando. Green Day plays this song as part of their encore. It was sweet!
  • Alicia from Tamaqua, PaI dought this song was about homosexuals, but then again it could be....... no one will ever know the truth. But people will have their theories. In my opinion, this song is about being the best and Queen was indeed the best. Another beautiful song that Freddie wrote and it showed off his gorgeous voice increadibly. This song along with Bohemian Rhapsody both showed off his amazing hypnotizing voice along with many others.
  • Ben from Kent, EnglandThe last song played at the Wembley Live Concert (which i beleive was the last concert Freddie did), seems pretty clear they were talking about themselves being the Champions.

    As a footnote if you wathc the recording of the concert there's a bit where Freddi says that there were rumours that the band were going to split up. His response? that they would be together until they died. i always found that this was really moving as he knew he was dying and kept going till the end.
  • Daan from Tegelen, NetherlandsYet another one of Queen's immortal songs. People will maybe celebrate victories on we are the champions forever, or at least for several ages yet to come. Thnak you Freddie, Roger, Brian and John!
  • Kent Lyle from Palo Alto, Ca"Sheer Heart Attack", the punk rock song which immediately follows this one, was written by Roger but Freddie actually sang the lead vocal. His voice is buried so far down that it's hard to tell, but it's him.
  • Kent Lyle from Palo Alto, CaFreddie only contributed 3 songs to this album, a much lower proportion than was usual. This might have been due to the album's style - they were trying to follow the trend of punk simplicity, and Freddie tended to write the most flamboyant songs. He has said this was his version of "My Way".
  • Randall from Birmingham, EnglandJohn never sang- not even live though it looks like he does.
    roger sang:
    modern times rock and roll
    loser in the end
    tenment funster
    i'm in love with my car
    fight from the inside
    fun it
    more of that jazz
    (maybe some others)
    Brian sang:
    someday oneday
    good company
    she makes me (stormtrooper in stilletos)
    far away
    all dead all dead
    leavin home ain't easy
    sail away sweet sister
    (and maybe some others)
  • Melissa from Green Bay, WiKevin- to name a few songs: Roger Taylor also sang "Fight From the Inside" and "Sheer Heart Attack", and (I think) Brian sang on "All Dead All Dead"...just to name a few, I'm sure there's a few more. I don't think John Deacon sang anything lead, or even backup (as far as I know)
  • Claire from Oak Ridge, TnIt could be partially about saluting homosexuals RAJA, but I'm told it's about the fact they were the "champions" of their music genre, because everyone else was into disco and crap.
  • Claire from Oak Ridge, Tn"A Knight's Tale" is a total spoof, and despite the Queen and David Bowie in it , it is often best watched when one is in the hospital with a PICC line in their arm, as I was when I saw it.
  • Kate from Ottawa, CanadaThis is the most inspiring song ever, gotta love the Mighty Ducks for using it.
  • Faruna from Shanghai, ChinaI agree with you Charlie. Their songs have been degraded.
  • Kevin from Rockland, MtI know that Roger Taylor sang I'm in Love with my Car...but can someone tell me what other songs were sung by Deacon, May, or Taylor?
  • Dale from Milton Keynes, Englanddid deacon ever sing lead
  • Fred from Indianapolis, InDave, not all queen songs are sung by Freddie Mercury. Brain May and Roger Taylor both recorded numerous tracks with them singing lead
  • Charlie from Thomaston, Dcyou know i think its sad that great queen songs haver been tampered and degraded by commercials and movies!
  • Dave from Washington, DcAs on all Queen songs, all of the vocals in this are Freddy Mercury. This is particularly amazing when you consider that on "We are the Champions" and "Bohemian Rhapsody," the vocals are extremely complex, with seven- and eight-part harmonies.
  • Raja from Austin, TxFreddy Mercury's salute to homosexuals who had overcome years of discrimination and banishment.
  • Will from Portland, OrI don't think this song is about sports, I think its about the rise to fame
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesIf you watch the episode of The Simpsons in Series 1 where Homer and Marge go on a retreat to try and save their marriage, you can hear Homer singing his own hilarious rendition of "We Are The Champions".
  • Sandra from Tel Aviv, IsraelFeatured in final scene of the film "Revenge Of The Nerds 1". During the credits another version of the song is played, perforemed by a choir.
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