Album: The Glass Messenger (2009)


  • Jack's Mannequin explained on their website that "within the context of the song, the word 'Swim' is used as a metaphor for 'hope, perseverance, courage, determination and strength."'

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  • Jim from Ocean Grove, NjAndrew McMahon WAS Jack's Mannequin. He played keyboards and wrote all their songs. In 2005, Andrew was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and he received stem cell transplant from his sister Katie. This album was dedicated to her.
    These guys were from Southern California, so the SWIM metaphor came naturally. He is saying that it would be easy to give up and drown/die. But, what keeps him fighting to live is all the things (music) and people (lovers, family, friends) he loves. Sometimes it might seem like you are getting nowhere and the waves/problems are overwhelming, but just keep your head above and swim.
  • Allison from Albany, Nyi love this song. it helps me when i don't have any hope left.
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