Made For You

Album: Greetings From… Jake (2019)
  • This poignant ballad features straightforward lyrics of devotion and love. The song was written by Joey Hyde, Benjy Davis and Neil Medley.

    Like a ship without a sea
    Or a song without a melody
    I don't know where I'd be or what I'd do
    'Cause I was made for you

    Jake Owen is telling his lover that he was made for her and couldn't operate without her.
  • Following a divorce from Lacey Buchanan, Jake Owen found love with girlfriend Erica Hartlein. He said during an album preview the demo arrived just at the right time. "This song is about being made for somebody, and I definitely feel that Erica and I are made for each other," Owen explained. "I think it's a powerful song about life and love."
  • Country singer Michael Ray heard Owen perform "Made For You" in January 2019 at the annual Country Cares for St. Jude event in Memphis. He immediately booked him to sing it as his wedding song during his marriage ceremony with Carly Pearce.
  • After Joey Hyde, Benjy Davis and Neil Medley wrote "Made It For You," they passed it onto Mojo Music song plugger Courtney Crist. Though she didn't know Jake Owen, Crist thought the song suited him, so she emailed him the demo. The singer immediately related to it on a personal level.

    Having become a father for the first time in July 2019, one lyric especially stood out. "I love the line about 'Two a.m. was made for pissed-off dads,'" Owen told Billboard. "I was a kid growing up who would piss off a dad because I probably brought his daughter home too late, and I'm going to be a pissed-off dad one day soon when my beautiful little girl will grow up and some kid brings her home late."


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