Album: Chaos and The Calm (2015)
Charted: 60


  • Originally a Chaos and The Calm bonus track, James Bay recorded a new version at Abbey Road Studios. The updated song was released as the official Sport Relief single for the charity's 2016 appeal. "There's a universally positive message, which is Sport Relief's ethos," he explained to Digital Spy as to why the cut was chosen for the appeal. "It's about saying we can help, we can work together, and we can achieve something better."
  • So was James Bay surprised to be asked, as previous Sport Relief singles have been mainly recorded by pure pop acts like Rachel Stevens, JLS and Little Mix? He said: "This song might lean more on the traditional songwriting side of my music, as opposed to it being all about guitars. Because of that, it felt great. It didn't feel odd for me, and I don't want to set myself aside from rock music or pop music. I want to belong to both."


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