Kozmic Blues

Album: I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama! (1969)


  • This song is about hope and trying to see the good in situations, but always seeming to come up short - something that is a common blues theme. Said Joplin: "'Kozmic Blues' just means that no matter what you do, man, you get shot down anyway."
  • Joplin didn't write that many songs, but she composed this one with her producer, Gabriel Mekler. She explained that she needed to be in a state of trauma and duress in order to write a song, and that's exactly the state she found herself in when she came up with "Kozmic Blues," which described her condition at the time. "I can't write a song unless I'm really traumatic, emotional, and I've gone through a few changes, I'm very down," she said in Rolling Stone. "No one's ever gonna love you any better and no one's gonna love you right."
  • This is one of the tracks that showcased Joplin's powerful vocals and her ability to lose herself in a song. She would sometimes enter an almost trance-like state when performing it, as she summoned up the pain that led her to write the song.
  • This song provided the title for the album, which was Joplin's first as a solo artist. Her previous releases were with her band Big Brother and the Holding Company.
  • Joplin would have been about 25 years old when she wrote this song, but that's not what she's referring to in the line, "Well, I'm 25 years older now, so I know we can't be right."

    That line is about how different people perceive love and time. Joplin explained that she was the kind of person who thought that love was supposed to last 25 years, so when it didn't she would be devastated. To her lover, it wasn't so awful because he never expected it to last that long.
  • Why isn't the title "Cosmic Blues"? Joplin spelled it with a K to take the edge off. "It's too down and lonely a trip to be taken seriously," she said. "It's like a joke on itself."
  • Joplin performed this at Woodstock in 1969.

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  • Heather from Madrid, SpainOne of the best Janis songs, and has one of the greatest beginnings to a song! Such a moving song!!
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