Love Song For A Savior

Album: Jars of Clay (1995)


  • A track from Jars of Clay's first album, "Love Song For A Savior" is a worship song about a young girl delighting the gifts of nature. It's one of the few Jars of Clay songs with direct references to God and the Christian church - something lead singer Dan Haseltine tells us is an important aspect of their lives, but not the only thing they sing about. "We do this because we feel like our voice and our observations about the world are worth speaking about, and it's our way of organizing our own life, our own existence," he said in our 2013 interview. "This is our therapy in ways."
  • In 2013, this song was featured in commercials for the online dating service Christian Mingle. Using a worship song for commercial purposes caused a bit of controversy, but Dan Haseltine has no problem with it. He told us: "We have always believed that we're writing songs that aren't just going to sit in our vault and be what we listen to. We have to be ready for letting other people interpret them differently and let them have different meanings for different people. That's the great thing about art, is that it's open to interpretation. I know that there is some controversy surrounding that and people who would say, 'We can't believe that they would take a song that was meant to be about God and turn it into a person.' I tend to think that we care so deeply about our personal relationships that if they want to use it that way, we're happy that they did. So it doesn't bother us that it gets pulled out of context that way."


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