The Truth

Album: Wide Open (2009)
Charted: 40
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  • This is the third single from American country music artist Jason Aldean's third studio album, Wide Open.
  • Brett James and Ashley Monroe penned this song, which was originally recorded by Trent Willmon on his 2008 album Breaking In.
  • This was the last song Aldean recorded for Wide Open, having just about finished laying down the tracks when he heard it for the first time. He told AOL's The Boot, "I just fell in love with the song and knew I wanted to cut it. It's my favorite song on the album."
  • This song is about a failing relationship. Aldean told The Boot that anyone who has lived through a serious break-up, or a relationship gone bad, will relate to the tune. He noted: "It's one of those things where things happen, and you're hurtin' inside and don't want anyone else to know. You don't want to damage your pride by letting your feelings out there too much."
  • Aldean described this song to CMT News as "one of those relationship-gone-bad kind of things," then added, "It kind of talks about a guy who's going through a hard time and just didn't really want anybody to know what's really going on. He's a wreck, pretty much."
  • The music video was filmed at the Drake Motel in Nashville. Aldean told CMT News: "I'm a singer, definitely not an actor, so I just follow directions. I'm working with [directors] Robert Deaton and George Flanigen, who are two of the best in the business as far as shooting videos. I just kind of listen to whatever they tell me to do."
  • The was the fourth Country #1 for Aldean and the third chart-topping single taken from his Wide Open album following "She's Country" and "Big Green Tractor."
  • Brett James told AOL's The Boot the story behind the song: "I started writing with Ashley when she was 15 years old. She's one of my favorite singer-songwriters in the world. I knew she was really special when I first met her. The world doesn't know what a great artist she is just yet. She's really gifted.
    We had the title 'The Truth' when we sat down to write. We started talking about what to do to make people interested in finding out what "the truth" meant. We created this character who would rather not talk about the truth, but the opposite of the truth instead. We all have that amount of pride deep down of trying to not let the world know that we're heart broken. The song came effortlessly for us. It was an easy write."
  • James expressed his surprise as to how quickly Aldean's version rose to #1: "Jason heard 'The Truth' through his producer, Michael Knox. It went on hold for Jason this time last year. It's been a great thing. It's not the kind of song you expect to be a single off an album. Jason's been so hot that when 'The Truth' came out as a single, I told my friend 'I think this will be a slow one because it's not your typical song that slides up quickly to #1.' Thank God I was wrong! Shows how much I know! It's been a really fun one to watch. I'm really proud of it."
  • Brett James commented on the song during the CMA 10th Anniversary Songwriters Series: "It breaks all the songwriting rules in the world," he said, "because you don't know what the hell the song is about until the end of the song."


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