The Remedy (I Won't Worry)

Album: Waiting For My Rocket To Come (2002)
Charted: 15


  • Jason wrote this for a friend of his who had just been diagnosed with cancer (thus explaining the lyrics, "We will cure this dirty old disease"). The song is about not letting life get you down no matter what happens, and that you shouldn't waste your life worrying all the time, especially if you may not have very long to live.
  • This song was originally a part of a longer song of Jason's called "The Dreamlife of Rand McNally." You can hear the longer version on Jason Mraz Live (at Java Joe's), as well as on various live bootleg recordings. >>
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    Tyler - Tucson, AZ
  • Mraz wrote this with the songwriting trio of Lauren Christy, Graham Edwards, and Scott Spock, who are known as The Matrix. They wrote many of Avril Lavigne's hits, including "Complicated" and "Sk8er Boi."
  • Mraz revealed in an episode of VH1 Storytellers this tune was inspired by his best friend, Charlie, who was diagnosed with cancer. At its base, the song was written about a man who wasn't going to worry his life away despite his circumstances and he struggled with guilt as he watched "The Remedy" transform from a personal, emotional piece into an upbeat pop hit. "I had suddenly gone from this little idea about my friend and turned it into a huge pop song," Mraz said. "(I thought) 'this is probably going to end up being the single and I'm going to have to go out there and be this guy – this big pop song guy.'"

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  • Amy from TampaSo like many pop songs it’s catchy and Jason has a nice voice but basically is promoting nihilism. Personally this song contradicts my belief system and worldview. I believe life has meaning and the very purpose of life is to love God our Creator and love others, as he demonstrated when he came to walk among us. So many people who face tests, trials and persecutions turn their back on God and go head long into into this hedonistic nihilism. The lyrics are deep but there is more he is not seeing and maybe he will one day.
  • Kavi from Trinidad And TobagoCould easily be interpreted as a song about living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Andrew from Ottawa, OnMore details:

    His friend was born on July 4th (hence the lyric). He was driving from San Diego to LA and every night, there are fireworks from Disneyland which is where that lyric came from.

    The rest of the lyrics come from the fact that his friend grew this growth from the cancer but his attitude was more of a "I'll deal with it" and Jason was super impressed with that attitude.
    (this was from an interview a number of years ago)

    I still have to say while I know he played it as part of dream Life of Rand McNally, I think he had the lyrics and just wanted to figure out where they fit in.
  • Isabelle from Stockholm, SwedenI love this song and the meaning, it just gives you hope. :)
  • Sky from Boulder, CoI heard that too, Bryan from VA
  • Maryjo from Quito, EcuadorThanks for the meaning, i liked this song since the first time i heard it, but i didnt expect that meaning
  • Bryan from Norfolk, VaI gotta say, I have always thought this song was about the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the U.S.
  • Eric from Milltown, InMy favorite band is Sublime, and they're songs taught me not to worry about things. Well, Brad Nowell passed away and they haven't released any new songs since. I first heard this song and thought that someone was finnaly singing my kind of song. I knew this song was about a friend with cancer earlier and after my grandma passed away (from PPH) it took on new meaning. So thanks to Mr. A-Z, I'm now reset on not worrying my life away.
  • Simone from Ommen, NetherlandsI've loved this song ever since the first time I've heard it, and that was about 3 years ago.. I don't lie when I tell you it's my favorite song all time (especially the acoustic version), but I've never realised that this song was about cancer! So from now on I listen to it with a whole different feeling. I always thought it was about a boy who's mad at his girlfriend.. I prefer the cancer story and I wanted you to know that this song has never been a succes in Holland - I think that's a shame.. I won't worry my life away..!
  • Patty from Cape Girardeua, MoOne of my very favorites. His friend had skin cancer..that is why he says, "spend the rest of your nights with the light on" and "shine the light on all of your friends".
  • Tammy from Hazel Green, AlMy nephew had heard this song 28 times. He started counting because it kept coming on every time he would get in his car. Meanwhile my mother had become ill and he told us back then I know it is about Janet (my mother). At the time, I just shrugged it off because I didn't even know the song was about cancer. I am not even sure if he did. Then my mother was diagnosed with cancer and was buried 28 days later. I dont know if it was exactly 28 days since at the time, it was very emotional and I can't remember the exact day she was diagnosed. My nephew says it was and I do know it has to be really close to 28 days if not exact. It may have been a warning. It has made me paranoid, my mother wasnt that old. I think we should take his advice about not worrying but that is very hard to do.
  • John from Washington, Dcalatriel, you are correct in the song's meaning. the lyrics "you were born on the fourth of july" refer to the birthday of the friend to whom jason had written the song.
    - john meehan, washington dc
  • Bridget from Ridgewood, NjI've also heard that it's about someone who got herpes. I like the cancer story better, but if you think about the lyrics, herpes makes a lot more sense.
  • Courtney from Gloucester, VaThanks for the meaning. I had requested it a while ago.
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