Come Through For You

Album: Come Through For You (2011)
  • This is the title track from the third studio album released by R&B/Pop singer Javier Colon and his first with Universal after winning the debut season of NBC's reality show, The Voice.
  • After being dropped by Capitol Records in 2006, Colon and his wife had an argument about where his career was going. The bills were piling up and little money was coming in. As they tried to figure out their next move, Colon tried to reassure her and asked her to hang in as singing was the only thing he knew. He explained to AOL Music: "That's what the song was about - that one day I would come through from you, and hopefully with this album is that day, that I'm now going to be able to come through for her and my family."
  • Colon told AOL Music his wife "was definitely moved," the first time he played her the song. He added: "It was a small biography of our lives. She's always been a supporter, she's always been very strong for us. At that particular time she was at a breaking point ... and rightfully so ... sometimes the business isn't that nice to you as an artist, people promise things to you and then you end up promising things to your family that end up not happening and you look bad. So I'm just glad to finally have a chance to put this music out there and have everyone hear it."
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