Fly on the Wall

  • This describes the hood from a fly on the wall's perspective. When MTV News asked Rock how that concept come about, he replied: "Me and my relatives were just talking about doing ghetto stories. Scarface is one of the best dudes with storytelling in rap to me. So, I wanted to express what I saw growing up, a young kid watching the older ni---s doing their thing. They probably never noticed me because you never notice the fly on the wall watching your every movement."
  • Busta Rhymes raps the third verse in which he speaks to Jay Rock as a mentor, addressing his career and the way he evolved. Rock said: "When he first heard me, he thought I was dope and he acknowledged that. I respect him for that. It's crazy how he did that musically."
  • The phrase "fly on the wall" is commonly used to describe an unseen observer or listener who is taking in information about their situation and surroundings. One of the first citations of this phrase was in The Oakland Tribune, February 1921: "I'd just love to be a fly on the wall when the Right Man comes along."


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