Album: Seen It All (2014)


  • The first few lines after this song's chorus find Jeezy expressing his frustration with his record label, Def Jam Recordings.

    When L.A. Reid was in office, made some history up in Def Jam
    If Jizzle ain't droppin', nigga, what the f--k is Def Jam?
    I know you heard how your boy bossed up at Atlantic
    Boss s--t, might just drop my next album on Atlantic

    In late 2013, rumors spread that Jeezy might be leaving Def Jam. The rapper encouraged the talk of the split when he vented on Twitter, threatening to leak his album.

    Asked by Billboard magazine what reaction he was going for when he called out Def Jam, Jeezy replied: "I wasn't going for any reaction. That was just the truth. I was basically saying I got options and putting it into the stratosphere that I am really a boss."

    "Even for my fans and peers, I'm not going to be the person just all blacked out in hood atmosphere," he continued. "I can go into these buildings and move things around too. I been in that game. I been at Atlantic over there head of A&R. I A&R my own records at Def Jam. It was like, look, here's where I am with it, I can do either or—know that though."
  • Jeezy explained the concept of the song's visual to MTV News: "The video is basically about touching my town," he said, "getting in the streets and running through the neighborhoods that I often ran through and getting back out with the homies, kids and people of Atlanta."


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