Safe In The Car
by Jeff Ament (featuring Angel Olsen)

Album: Heaven/Hell (2018)


  • Angel Olsen supplies guest vocals on this track. Jeff Ament told NME how the collaboration came about:

    "I was a big fan and she played in my hometown in Montana a few years ago. I bought a T-shirt. Then we were playing a show in North Carolina two years ago, she came out to the show and we hung out and sort of stayed in contact. When we were doing this song I kept hearing a woman's voice on the chorus and I thought, 'Man it would be great if I could get somebody to sing that.'

    I asked Angel if she would be up for doing it and she had a couple of days off in-between the tour and we were finishing the song up. It takes that chorus and the desperation to the next level, so great call. She's such a great talent, she's super funny and I sort of feel like I owe her one, so if she ever needed bass."
  • Ament's Pearl Jam bandmates Matt Cameron (drums) and Mike McCready (guitar) also contributed towards this track.


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