Love Don't Cost A Thing

Album: J.Lo (2001)
Charted: 1 3


  • Lopez set up an internet camera on her website where fans could watch her make this album. The album was her transformation from Jennifer Lopez to "J-Lo."
  • Lopez appeared in the movie The Wedding Planner a few months after this was released. This song plays over the closing credits.
  • Jennifer performed this on CBS before Super Bowl XXXV as part of the pregame coverage.
  • During the album's production, Lopez was in a relationship with Puff Daddy (as he was then known), which led to speculation that the song was about him. In the lyrics, the singer is frustrated with her absentee lover, who would rather buy her expensive gifts than spend time with her, even though "her love don't cost a thing."

    Shortly after the single's release in 2001, the pair broke up, and Lopez began dating a dancer named Cris Judd, whom she met while shooting the video for this song. They married later that year but divorced in 2002.
  • Lopez became the first entertainer to have the #1 album and movie at the same time when her movie The Wedding Planner and album J-Lo both hit #1. In 2003, a film called Love Don't Cost A Thing was released, but this song has nothing to do with it.
  • The J.Lo album knocked off The Beatles' 1 when it hit #1 in the US. The Beatles had the top spot for eight weeks.
  • This was Lopez' first and only # 1 hit in the UK. >>
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    Adam - Dewsbury, England
  • In the video, directed by Paul Hunter, Lopez is frustrated when her boyfriend sends her a gold bracelet instead of showing up for a date. She drives to the beach, shedding lavish jewelry and accessories along the way (presumably gifts from her wealthy beau), and grooves with an all-male dance team on the sand.
  • Greg Lawson was a struggling songwriter when he wrote and recorded the track that evolved into this song. With the help of Los Angeles-based songwriter/producer Damon Sharpe and a trio of other writers, it finally became a hit-worthy tune. Lawson told Songwriter Universe the story in 2002: "I called Damon up, and I played the track and sang the melody to him over the phone. We ended up collaborating on the song, with both of us writing parts of the melody and the lyric. I came up with the title, and he came up with the key line, 'Even if you were broke,' in the chorus. Three other writers, Georgette Franklin, Jeremy Munroe and Amil Harris, also contributed parts to the song."

    Lawson and Sharpe also collaborated on the track "Love Is A Crime" by Anastacia for the 2002 movie musical Chicago.
  • Lopez performed this on Saturday Night Live in the February 11, 2001 episode.
  • This was used on the MTV animated series Daria in the 2001 episode "Fat Like Me."

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  • Mike from Matawan, NjHer ass should have it's own zipcode by now. It's 9021(*)
  • Jane from Austin, TxLOL to katina. "chickenhead" ROFLMAO. has anyone ever noticed how eerily similar the music to this and "the boy is mine" by brandy/monica are? i think brandy should sue.
  • Laura from Hacienda Heights, CaYet another horrid example of how she cant sing ... which leads me to point out that many of things she does (acting, dancing, etc) is just terrible. She is a master at manipulation and to be able to be where she is today and get her hands on what she has. It's amazing that that happened but back to the music, and this song. My ears need cotton.
  • Sarah Floyd from Bloomingdale, Ilif love dont cost a thing then why is she with so many guys. then again she is still awesome. and i love her clothes are so cute that i want some of her clothes. i could find her house and take all of her clothes that fit me.
  • Nathan from Defiance, OhHer love doesn't cost a thing, as long as you are famous, drive a Benz, and have a couple million dollars.
  • Somebody from London, EnglandHer love is the most expensive thing in the world!
  • Katina Cofield from Edenton, MsI feel like she is a high price chicken head.and need to care about someone other than the underclass people b/c they support her music,that's how she got where she is now.
  • Dave from Cardiff, Wales...though since writing the last comment, she has now also split up from Ben Affleck. Until she cures herself of that oversized ego of hers, she'll (deservedly) spend the rest of her life splitting up with each new lover.
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesTo be fair to her, Jennifer Lopez did dump millionaire Puff Daddy in favour of (then) penniless dancer, Cris Judd. Unsurprisingly, though, it didn't last long, and she ran off with another millionaire in Ben Affleck.
  • Jenny from Bedford, Uk, EnglandHer love don't cost a thing? Except a $1.3 million pink diamond engagement ring? Not to mention the cars, clothes, jewellery etc!
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