Album: Story of Your Bones (2000)
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  • Story of Your Bones is one of three independent albums the Jennifer Nettles band released before Nettles joined Sugarland and found herself singing with Bon Jovi. The band was highly acclaimed, and Nettles was highly respected in the independent music community, winning the Independent Musician of the Year award in 2001.

    In our 2010 interview with Jennifer Nettles, we asked her to dig deep and recall this song. She told us: "I remember the song and being pretty angry and pretty out there - which is 'out there' in terms of exposing that anger. And I do think that it was towards the industry and I think it was towards critics, if I remember correctly. But I do know that it was a very angry song, and indicative of my 20s where I used that space, and the stage was a safe place for me to express disgruntlement or anger or whatever it may be. That was when I grew up, there was a time in my home where it wasn't a safe space, especially for anger. And so when I was able to find a safe place on the stage and through the pen and express that, it was pretty liberating for me. And so I did it. A lot. (laughing)"
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