Album: Late Nights (2015)
Charted: 19


  • Jeremih breaks devotion down to its simplest terms on this classic love song:

    I wish that we could take some time
    Go anywhere, baby I don't mind
    Grown man, in my suit and tie
    Hey, there's no we without you and I

    Jeremih explained the song's lyrical content in a Genius annotation. "In a relationship for things to work out it makes two. It's like the ying and the yang, if you don't have no yang then you can't have the ying.

    So pretty much with this record I was saying without you there isn't we. And 'oui' is really a French word, but I was just playing off the actual English word 'we' as well."
  • "Oui," is French for "yes." However, Jeremih was in LA, not France when he penned the lyrics back in 2013. He explained: "I was flipping through beats and Needlz sent me this beat; it was pretty much like an alley-oop for a writer like myself to hop on.

    There is no we without you and I. The "oui" spelling in French is actually O-U-I. It all came together."
  • Back in his high school days, Jeremih and his homie used to sing an a capella version of Shai's "If I Ever Fall in Love." During Oui's bridge, he croons a vocal riff on Shai's 1992 R&B hit at the point when the beat falls away. Jeremih explained: "When I heard the beat I was just playing around with the Shai's opening melody, and everyone in the studio was like 'go ahead and do that.'"
  • Jeremih told Billboard magazine how the creative process for this song originated with Needlz's production. "I had been sitting on that beat for the longest - for like a couple months," he recalled. "One day, I just pulled it up in the studio. It was a beautiful day in L.A., it was early, and it was just one of those... I knew what I already had for Late Nights, as far as other records and the emotions that I wanted to tap into, but I also felt like it was the heartfelt record that was missing. Even when I had no idea what it was going to be titled or how I was going to approach it, the beat helped inspire the love-oriented, heartfelt record that it would become."
  • Asked by Billboard if "Oui" is about anyone in particular, Jeremih replied: "It's about my future wifey. I haven't met her yet. It's actually incomplete - I was going to add something on the bridge part, over the Shai reference, but I didn't get a chance to go back to the studio to put anything over it. But I couldn't come up with anything that would complement it, without just being simple. It's just a love song I wrote that hopefully everybody can relate to, and not think that it's too cheesy or corny."
  • The song was produced by Donut and Needlz. Donut told Billboard magazine the story of the beat. "I think I was in Philly at the time 'cause this song is like two or three years old," he explained. "I found this eight-bar loop that was really cool but it wasn't doing the notes that I wanted it to so I chopped it up."

    Donut then forwarded his dreamy instrumentation to Needlz for approval and after "two or three" rounds of edits, the melody was completed.


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