Buzz Back Girl

Album: High Noon (2014)


  • This song was co-written by Niemann's good friend, Lee Brice. The pair go back quite a while, with Niemann saying of Brice to Billboard magazine, "He's probably saved my neck more than I realize. When we had the bus fire back in 2012, he was the one that realized it was on fire, so I'll always be thankful for him."
  • Niemann recalled to Billboard: "When the label pitched me a song. I heard the first note, and knew it was Lee's voice. So, I called him and told him 'This song is really cool. Are you going to record it? He said he had just recorded a song that was very similar on his album, and there wasn't room for both, so that would be great if you recorded it. I said 'Consider it done."
  • The thought of his girl gives Niemann the same sort of buzz that he gets when he's feeling tipsy.

    Baby, don't you stop it, girl, just keep on rockin'
    You know you got me droppin', like I just took a shot.

    The song was released as the third single from High Noon on July 14, 2014.
  • This song inspired the name of Niemann's late-2014 Get Your Buzz Back Tour.
  • The song's music video was directed by Eric Welch and features some unique visual effects. The process involved shooting Niemann's parts against a black background, then using a projector to project his likeness onto guitars and girls and various other elements of the clip. Niemann recalled to Taste of Country that the filming process of one particular scene, which involved him singing multiple vocal parts simultaneously was particularly interesting. "[Welch] just said, 'Hey, are you singing all of those harmony parts? Just sing each of them once,'" he said. "So I would just sing each part, and then rewind it and do it again, and he just cut it up and put them all together in a collage. It was pretty cool."


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