Cave Bop

Album: Lookout for Hope (2002)
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  • Douglas claims he wrote this tune after watching "a 10-hour Flintstones marathon." Said Douglas, "I'd been eating these little things that tasted a lot like popcorn, and I started seeing some really cool colors. My mind went to work and I could see Barney pushing the car. He had Fred Flintstone in the driver's seat, and Miles Davis was in the passenger's seat. They were all having dinosaur ribs and seemed to be having a good time, except for Barney who was in the back pushing."
  • This song is played at a furious pace. In a Songfacts interview with Jerry Douglas, he explained: "I took it in the studio and I recorded it last because I didn't know what tempo I wanted the song to be in. When I got to the finish of the record and started to record this song, I decided to play it as fast as we could possibly play it, as more of a bebop song."
  • Douglas recorded a slower, jazzier version for his 2017 album What If. "We wanted to bring more substance into the solos," he said. "It made the song more interesting to me and fleshed out."
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