As Bad As It Gets

Album: Sweet and Wild (2010)
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  • Jewel blogged concerning this song on her MySpace site: "(This) is an outside song that I cut because I loved the vocal range it allowed me to perform. I kept meaning to write a big ballad, but one never came, and my friend Rachel Proctor co-wrote this one. It's a great song. I love songwriters, and it's fun to just be a singer for a song and support another songwriter!"
  • Jewel expanded on her website regarding why she decided to cut this song: "It was written by a friend of mine and I chose it because it was vocally challenging. I meant to get around to writing one that pushed me as a singer, as I have always sung better live, and have tended to write wordier songs, rather than ones the showed my singing off. It was a goal of mine to really sing better on this record than on any I had done. This song is well written, and is a great showcase for some singing, and I want to thank the writers."
  • Rachel Proctor, along with Victoria Banks, also co-wrote pop singer Jessica Simpson's debut country single "Come on Over." She has recorded several hits of her own including the Top 20 single "Me and Emily."
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