Hash Pipe

Album: Weezer (The Green Album) (2001)
Charted: 21


  • We know the boogies are out of control and the knee-stocking flavor is a favorite treat in "Hash Pipe," but what's it all mean? Lead singer Rivers Cuomo offered some insight when he called it, "A totally insane song about a homosexual transvestite prostitute."
  • This was Weezer's first release in five years. Rivers Cuomo went into seclusion after their second album, Pinkerton, in 1996. "Hash Pipe" was the lead single from the long-awaited Weezer (The Green Album), released in 2001.
  • Because of the song's content, their record label did not want to release this as the first single. The band fought them on it and won.
  • A hashpipe is a device used for smoking hashish, a potent form of marijuana.
  • MTV wanted Weezer to change the title to "Half Pipe" for the video so they could appeal to the skateboard crowd and avoid the drug reference. Weezer refused, so MTV played the video with the word "Hash" obscured, listing the title as "H*** Pipe." In 2005, the band relented when the network suggested they edit the song "We Are All on Drugs" as "We Are All In Love."
  • Sumo wrestlers are featured in the video. Nine are real wrestlers; the other three are just fat guys.
  • At the 2001 Video Music Awards, MTV announced this as "Hash Pipe," but still wrote the title as "H*** Pipe" when it was nominated for an award for Best Rock Video.
  • The tour to support the album was called the "Extended Midget Tour."
  • The Italian words inside the album, "Torniamo all antico e sara un progresso" mean "Let's go back to ancient and will be a step forward." >>
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  • According to Kerrang! January 29, 2011, Cuomo said, "It's obviously not our favorite song," adding that he injected it with no feeling at all but viewed it simply as a musical exercise.
  • Drummer Patrick Wilson is featured on the cover of the single release holding a pack of Natural American Spirit cigarettes, though the logo is blurred due to copyright issues.
  • Classic TV fans will recognize the guitar riff from this song - it was partially inspired by the "Theme From Peter Gunn" (composed by Henry Mancini) for the '60s detective series, starring Craig Stevens in the title role. Cuomo said he heard a digitized version of the theme on the '80s arcade game Spy Hunter.
  • This song was used in the 2001 comedy American Pie 2.
  • Cuomo told WHYY's Fresh Air how his experiments in songwriting inspired this song: "For a couple of years there, well - I've always been an analytical person, but for a couple of years, I just got really analytical in keeping track of every detail of the process of writing a song and intentionally varying individual elements to see what the result would be. But sometimes these experiments were indistinguishable from how any other rock person would write a song. For example, in mid-2000, I - somehow my experiments evolved to a point where step one was take a pill of Ritalin. Step two was take three shots of tequila. Step three was go out in the backyard, sit down on a chair. Step four was close your eyes and imagine the song. And thats how I wrote 'Hash Pipe'."
  • In 2018, after Weezer covered their song "Africa," Toto released their own version of "Hash Pipe."

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  • Jman8844 from MichiganLove this cut. Nice crunchy sounding guitars, the mix rocks. One of my go to songs. Buddy holly was pretty awesome too. Great band
  • Chris from Germany of course GWEN STEFANI what you are waiting for sounds the same
  • Moanin' Lisa from Chillicothe Mo.I still love this song. I love Weezer. But "ass wipes" and "big cheese???"
  • Kittenfuud from WaAndy in Arlington VA, YES! "I can't help my feelings/I'll go out of my mind (I'm gonna let you down and leave you flat,") to finish the lyric, IS heard on You Can't Do That by the Beatles! One of my faves (a John song, go figure!) I wish there was a way to "friend" you, you're obv a Beatlemaniac like I! Cheers if you see this!
  • Babbling Babette from Tulsa OkI was six years old when this was out & I didn't understand what it was all about. My brothers Jason and Jordan had been Weezer fans for many years & knew what it was about, but never told me right then. I still love the guitars on it! So cool! Another song, "Crab", on the Green Album is one I also didn't understand (it was about sex) when I was a kid. So I wrote to Rivers a long letter (19 pages) about it and about "Hash Pipe", but he never answered. Maybe I wrote too much & turned him off. I still love this song even though it's about drugs. I love SongFacts.com because I can find out a lot of music from way back when I was a kid and didn't know what it was about.
  • Rotunda from Tulsa, OkI've got to agree with "Raunchy--from Tulsa OK" on Hash Pipe peaking at #2 on Billboard's Modern Rock charts in 2001. I checked in Billboard's archives and it's true. So I wish Songfacts would consider the appropriate music chart on this site. Being a #2 hit is a major hit. True, this song is a bit bizarre, but the melody and th rhythm are real killers! Despite the subject matter, this song grabs you and holds your attention. Then you realize it all WORKS. Then it becomes a BIG HIT. That's what rock and roll is all about!
  • Raunchy from Tulsa, OkJust gotta add another comment. I learned that this song "Hash Pipe" was a #2 hit for Weezer on the Modern Rock charts at Billboard & million-seller. I've always thought it was a fun song, despite it being about a hash pipe & the transvestite homo prostitute. Man, Rivers really threw in a lot of wild stuff into this song, but it turned out just fine. This song was in 2001, but I hear that here in 2014 Weezer is working on a new album with producer Rick Ocasek. Can't wait for the release!
  • Rocky from Fort Smith, Ar08-March 2014 --- I read that Rivers Cuomo regards this song as merely a musical exercise & not important to the band. Still, the single was a big success. The other day, my girlfriend found parody lyrics on "Hash Pipe" at another website for lyrics titled as "Ass Wipe." It is gut-busting hilarious. Go check it out! My day is ruined - now I'll never get ass wipes out of my mind!
  • Raunchy from Tulsa, OkWhen I first heard "Hash Pipe" in 2001 I didn't know it was about a homo transvestite prostitute. Back then, my oldest brother bought Weezer's album and we'd listen to it, including "Hash Pipe." And my brother told me (mis-told me) that it was about a kid who had a nervous breakdown. I learned the truth in some music magazine that interviewed Rivers Cuomo about it. My brothers were always giving me false info about stuff like that just for their own kicks!! But I think "Hash Pipe" is a real cool song. But I got one question. What the heck are "boogies" and why are they "outa control?" Or maybe I should just use my "ass wipes" and forget about it all.
  • Rocky from Fort Smith, ArHey, I'm a longtime WEEZER fan & I've loved "Hash Pipe" for years. As this site says, the song came off their Green Album which has a lotta cool songs. As far as those lyrics are concerned, I always thought it was "ass wipes" and not "ass wide." I could be wrong. But I don't think so. Well----maybe I am. Naw, I can't be!!!I think I got that from some friends in high school, back when the song was so popular. Wish that Weezer would put out another album soon!
  • Rotunda from Tulsa, OkHey, I've noticed there's some confusion on the lyrics in some sites on the Internet. Some dudes are saying the lyrics referring to "ass wipes" and "big G's" are wrong and should be "ass wide" and "big cheese." Really? Then I went onto Weezer's website & their official lyrics are under Weezerpedia & there it reaffirmed that the correct lyrics are indeed (ass wipes & big G's). So there too! And yeah, I've got mah funky ass wipes and mah big G's too!
  • Randy from Fayettevile, ArYeah!! I remember "Hash Pipe" off the Green Album in 2001 when I was in grad school. It was so cool with lotta airplay on college radio back then. Didn't know it was really about a transvestite prostitute until a girlfriend told me about Rivers' explanation. The melody on "Hash Pipe" is so cool. Here in 2014, I am still a solid Weezer fan & I hear from their website that they're going on a caribbean cruise/tour in early 2014. Very cool band & a very cool, but bizarre & FUN song.
  • Mark from San Pedro, CaThis song title was originally "CRACK PIPE" but the record label would not put it out under that name so they changed it to a more socially acceptable name "HASH PIPE". Also this song is about male prostitution in West Hollywood on the famous Santa Monica Blvd. and the trials and tribulations of being a prostitute.
  • Bloodaxe from Lincoln, NeGwen's song "What You Waiting For" isn't a ripoff of Hash Pipe, people. It's not even close. Weezer takes the chords down and walks them into the chorus. Gwen's song beats the chords repeatedly then pushes to the chorus. Different keys, dynamics, and even solos. Both songs are great, but Hash Pipe makes Gwen's song ride in the back seat.
  • Rozzy from Toronto, CanadaThe Italian words really mean: ""Let us return to old times and that will be progress".
  • Bloodaxe from Lincoln, NeThis song, as Rivers told me at a party with GNR, was about how big business, corporate powers, goverments, and anyone in power takes advantage of those "beneath them". As in citizens and workers for the machine. The "rape" of the supposed boy prostitute represents all of us in our struggle to make ends meet. The song then says we have our drugs to fight the frustration and pain that those in power bring us. The lyrics say:
    Come on and kick me
    Youve got your problems (dealing with keeping the populace stupid)
    Ive got my ass wipe (those who figure it out and say F*ck you)
    Youve got your big cheese (power has money and people that their money buys to beat you down)
    Ive got my hash pipe (we have our answers, whether its dropout from drugs, or fight back within the system)
    It's a brilliant song.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandThe opening riff is VERY similar to Lick It Up by KISS
  • Andy from Arlington, VaThe line "I can't help my feelings, I'll go out of my mind" also appears in "You Can't Do That" by the Beatles.
  • Trent from Poteau, Okrivers wrote this song, along with 'dope nose' when he woke up one moring with a killer hangover caused by multiple shots of tequila and ritalin pills... who knows what either song is about...
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaOkay Gwen Stefani's song doesn't rip off Hash Pipe, I never even noticed a resemblance. This song is awesome, and the video cracks me up with all the sumos.
  • Lexie from Sydney, Australiatis wierd the reference to gwen stefani... in '97 weezer toured with no doubt
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandGwen's song's not called 'Tick Tock' it's called 'What You Waiting For?'
  • Hayley from Mckinney, Txthis song is awesome.. but i would have never guess it was about that.. i thught it was about like a guy who only needed to make him happy like whne hes like i got my h*** pipe... kinda odd.. <3
  • Rob from Santa Monica, CaAnd apparently an underage homosexual transvestite prostitute, at that. [I can't help my business if I can't get a drink...]
  • Brian from Dublin, United StatesListen to Gwen stefanis new song (Tick Tock) It blatantly rips off the hash pipe melody!!
  • Gilliann from Dublin, IrelandThis my friends, is how pop should be
  • Kevin from Utah, Utextended midget tour does not refer to Rivers' operation. The tour was dubbed 'the midget tour' as it originally had only 12 tour dates, and, as momentum grew, more tour dates were added, thus becoming the "extended midget tour" and finally, after more dates, the "hyper extended midget tour" The operation took place between their debut album('94) and pinkerton('96) while Rivers was attending harvard. The operation had nothing to do with the 5 year wait for the green album(may, 2001), Rivers came within a semester of graduation and moved back to LA to get the wheels rolling again on the weezer tour bus.

    *note* the first tour to promote the album was dubbed the "hooptie tour" and took place in record store, abandon wharehouses, boxing rings, and roller skating rinks, the midget tour did not take place until after demo's for Maladroit had begun.
  • Melissa from Mt Holly, Nci like thier other albums much bettter
  • Casey from Monroe, Wathere was a nine year difference between the blue and green albums. the three years was between the blue album and pinkerton.
  • Tim from Whitchurch, Hants, Englandextend midget refers to the operation that rivers had to extend his leg as it was shorter than the other. this explains the 3 year absence between the blue and green albums.
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