Burning Of The Midnight Lamp

Album: Electric Ladyland (1968)
Charted: 18
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  • Hendrix wrote the lyrics on a flight from New York to Los Angeles in 1967. They express the confusion he felt at the time.
  • Hendrix: "That's really a song I'm proud of. Some people say this is the worst track we have ever done. I think it is the best. Even if the technique is not great, even if the sound is not clear and even if the lyrics can't be properly heard, this is a song that you often listen to and come back to. I don't play neither piano nor harpsichord, but I had managed to put together all these different sounds. It was the starting point."
  • Hendrix used a wah wah pedal on his guitar for this song. Frank Zappa was an influence on this.
  • The Sweet Inspirations, who often sang with Aretha Franklin, sang on this. >>
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  • Ron from Melbourne, AustraliaHendrix had a couple of tries at recording the backing track for this, in London (May) and LA (June 1967), without success.

    Still with no lyrics at that stage, Hendrix penned them during a flight to New York (not the other way around as stated above). It took 30 takes to complete the song to Jimi's satisfaction - the first signs of the perfectionist streak which consumed him during his most personal work, and which were to contribute to the band's fracture.

    YouTube has some superb alternate versions of this song.
  • Chloe from St. Louis, Moloneliness is such a....drag....
  • David from London, United KingdomA very beautiful song I've been listening to for 40 years (!)
  • George from Little Rock, Arpowerful song from a creative artist. Jimi Hendrix to me is simply the greatest from that era or from any era for that matter. His music conveys a sense of power previously unheard of. Sometimes it almost seems that Jimi was channeling spirits through his guitar and amplifier. This song is a perfect illustration of his greatness.
  • Sam from Seattle, WaI hate to sound like a woosy man or anything, but when i listen to this song, i sometimes choke up with tears. Its a great song, and the message on it is one that jimi carried with him for his entire life, becuase he could never fit in. Its a real shame that he had to die, and all that talent was lost forever. RIP jimi
  • Sam from Seattle, Wai agree with jimi that this song is great
  • Lester from New York City, NyGreat song off one of the greatest rock albums ever.
  • Flo from Toulouse, FranceMy favourite from Jimi. Love the version on "BBC Sessions", it's so roots !
  • William from Wellington, New ZealandI Love This Songs!!! Hits Me Everytime. People Saying It Is Bad Are Fools. I Thinl In Away That The Reason You Can't Here The Lyrics Great Is Because Its Almost Like The Lonly Person Is Crying From Far Away. Whatever You Think It Is A Great Song...
  • Max from Brockton, MaThis is an amazing song. I don't know how anyone could say this is a bad track when the sound is unlike anything else and the lyrics are great too.
  • Fuzzface87 from Bellevue, WaA very creative wah wah intro. Simple yet brilliant. Very fun to play on guitar.
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