Foxy Lady

Album: Are You Experienced? (1967)
Charted: 67


  • This is a very sexual song that was probably inspired by Heather Taylor, who eventually married Roger Daltrey, the lead singer for The Who. Kathy Etchingham, Jimi's girlfriend at the time, also claimed to be one of many inspirations for "Foxy Lady." >>
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    Avi - Ashdod, Israel and Bertrand - Paris, France
  • Hendrix opened for The Monkees on their 1967 tour. When he played this, the young girls who came for The Monkees and had no interest in Hendrix shouted "Davy!" when Hendrix sang "Lady," resulting in "Foxy Davy," and turning it into a tribute to their idol, Monkees lead singer Davy Jones.
  • This was featured in the movie Wayne's World. It is used in a scene where Garth (Dana Carvey), sings it while thinking about his dream woman, played by Donna Dixon.
  • In the booklet for the Experience Hendrix CD, Hendrix was quoted as saying this was the only happy song he had ever written. He said that he usually just doesn't feel happy when writing songs. >>
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    Jake - NY
  • The title of this song has two alternate spellings: "Foxey Lady" (for release in America) and "Foxy Lady" (for release in the UK). >>
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    Patrick - Anderson, SC
  • Hendrix recorded this on December 13, 1966. That same day, he made his first TV appearance on the British show Ready Steady Go. His group The Jimi Hendrix Experience had been together only 2 months at that point, but things moved very quickly. Three days later, their first single, "Hey Joe" was released. >>
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  • Markantney from BiloxeMar 2017,

    Farrah, I'd have to say "No". Back then folks didn't do drugs because of sadness (War Vets notwithstanding) and for their generation (mostly) they weren't considered a bad thing.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn December 17th 1967, "Foxey Lady" by Jimi Hendrix entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #80; three weeks later on January 7th, 1968 it peaked at #67 and that was also its fourth and last week on the Top 100...
    Mr. Hendrix, born Johnny Allen Hendrix, passed away on September 18th, 1970 at the young age of 27...
    May he R.I.P.
  • Bob from Schenectady, NyThe actual title of this song is "Foxey Lady". This was how Hendrix wrote it originally. It appears this way on the Experience Hendrix re-release of "Are You Experienced?" Experience Hendrix is his estate company founded by his mother and sister, focused with preserving Jimi's legacy. "Are You Experienced?" was released with all the tracks originally intended for the album, but were cut due to space on the record (or record executives who wanted to have back-up material for another album).
  • Flame from London, United KingdomPaul McCartney paid a tribute to Hendrix at CitiField opening show by medleying this with his song "Let Me Roll It". This can be heard on his Good Evening New York City album.
  • Richie from Omaha, NeZZ Top has added this tune to their regular set list. Heard ZZ pay tribute to Jimi @ the Paramount Theatre(Denver) on Halloween night 2008 and @ Fiddler's Green (also Denver) August 09. Definitely a song designed for a trio. Both times everyone in the audience came to life, even those too young to recognize this short Hendrix masterpiece. Yes, Jimi's Strat work & the suggestive lyrics combine to propel the track.
  • Roger from Stockholm, SwedenThis was the opening number when I saw Jimi Hendrix Experience at the Gröna Lund amusement park in Stockholm. The sound technician was desperate trying to get any sound out the PA system so half the first verse was instrumental with Jimi moving his lips to the microphone.... I still miss him!
  • Oldpink from New Castle, InYep, it's quite suggestive, and Jimi blazes on his Stratocaster just so well.
    I particularly love the quite near the end, then Jimi intones "Here I come, baby...I'm coming to getcha!"
    Killer track, and I tend to like this even more than his popular favorite of "Purple Haze."
  • Nady from Adelaide, AustraliaIsn't this in Waynes World?? Excelleeeent
  • Pippin from Rhye, CaI find it interesting at least that Jimi Hendrix said this was his only happy song. I'd bet he's got a couple other happy songs out, Electric Ladyland comes to mind. Isn't that at least a bit happy?

    Anyway...about the song...I think it's a killer song. It's quite good. A great display of Jimi Hendrix's killer guitar skills.
  • Farrah from Elon, NcHe said he was never happy when writing songs. I wonder if unhappiness caused him to turn to drugs. It's a great song nonetheless.
  • Dimitri from Staten Island, NyIf you can isolate the middle channel (in stereo there're right/left and middle), you can hear some funny things:

    During the solo Jimi coughs, hawks, and spits :)
  • Hendrixlover from Does It Matter?, Cathis song rocks. i still cant figure out how he gets that awesome feedback at the break. even though i didnt like this song too much when i first heard it, i listen to it all the time. awesome.
  • Linda from Omaha, NeHis voice is the sexiest I've ever heard in this song then out of all his others.
  • Sophia from London, EnglandAllen, a C+, IS THAT IT? The riff is one of the most memerable riffs of all time ( aswell as many others, beatles, stones, zeppe etc.) I wouldnt give it a grade, what have grades gotta do with a hendrix song? I just thinks it real good, very catchy and easy to sing a long with. It got da crowd goin at woodstock didnt it?!!
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScI'm sure that Family Guy episode was funny. My sister watches that show.
  • Angelo from Las Vegas, Nvthis song was used in an episode of family guy when thomas edison was arguing with ben franklin
    ,best song ever!
  • Owsley from Kerrouac, Nysalutations jules, the band is BLUE CHEER and they "turn the air into cottage cheese". first heavy metal band ever
  • Jules from Sickelrville, Njtheres a song by this group called blue something who took the riff from this song on their cover of summertime blues anyone know about this?
  • Rose from Sacremento, Cadudes.....I absolutely adore jimi.I love this song Ive had this song played for me by previous boyfriend's sooo many times Ive lost count!!!
    soooo I really feel a tight bond with this song much love....and rock on.
  • Ross from Independence, MoThis is #152 on Rolling Stone's list of greatest songs.
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, Sci know it's not hendrick's best song, but "Foxy lady' is a pretty cool song with some good guitar, and it's a classic that will be played on the radio for many years to come. I love the part where the music stops just for s second and he says "Foxy Lady!" if he said it that way, he must have seen a hot woman somewhere, somebody who was extremely hot! otherwise, he wouldn't have said it that way, and the way he says it is pretty sexy!
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaHey Allen I give you a f**cking D-. I'm just kidding. Just don't downgrade an awesome guitarist like Hendrix any more.
  • Allen from Bethel, AkI can dig the gutair riff in this song, but the lyrics ket kind of annoying after a while. I would give it a C+.
  • Mr.gatz from Waterville, MeThat's right Hedrix said it was his only happy song and when you listen to the rest of the album you'll understand, he just had so many emotions he had to express and happiness was not as important as the other ones at the time
  • Will from Portland, OrThis is my least favorite Hendrix song
  • Eddie from Lachine, Mi I recently did this song at a choir concert (I'm a high school senior) and people still love it.
    Hendrix called this his only 'happy' song. He said he didn't picture himself singing it, but anyone singing it to anyone, because it is just one of those "hey there. . ." type songs.
  • Austin from Holly, MiMatthew Broderick plays bass to this song in the movie "election"
  • Paul from Chicago, IlHere's another of Jimi's tunes that he really JAMS to in a different key on "Live at Winterland." There's also a really heavy cover tune called "Tax Free" on this album where Jimi shows his creativity and stands out as a true master of the Stratocaster. Pick it up and treat yourself to top shelf performances such as Jimi's version of Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love", Jimi's "Red House", Chester Burnett's "Killing Floor", along with many of Jimi & his Experience's signature tunes. After that, another must have is "Electric Ladyland." (I'll save my thoughts on that one for another time.)
    Thank you SONGFACTS for allowing me to ramble on and share my thoughts and opinions on my favorite artists.
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