Third Stone From The Sun

Album: Are You Experienced? (1967)
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  • This 6:45 largely instrumental piece has a garbled sound all throughout the song. It is actually a conversation Hendrix had with a producer, which was cut up into pieces and slowed down to create the noise. At times, it is difficult to distinguish the slowed-down conversation from Hendrix' loud guitar wails during the speedy final four minutes of the song. >>
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    Jim - Oxnard, CA
  • In the longer version you can hear Jimi talk to Chas Chandler in the control room. They were fans of Star Trek, and wanted to create something based on the TV show. The slowed down speech is what you hear them talking about amid the laughter and goof ups. >>
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    Robert - Los Angeles, CA
  • The "Third Stone from the Sun" is the Earth. Hendrix seemed to like the word "stone." Other songs he released include "Stone Free" and "Stepping Stone."
  • The Right Said Fred hit "I'm Too Sexy" interpolates the guitar riff on this song. Since the band's frontmen weren't familiar with "Third Stone," they didn't know the riff was lifted until the Hendrix estate threatened legal action. Their guitarist, Rob Manzoli, is the one who put it in.

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  • Kevin K. from Arlington Heights, IlAlso compare to "Dance With The Devil" by Cozy Powell
  • Udi Menashe from Los Angeles, CaI've just finished to write a Sci-Fi Book (275 pages) that somehow based on Jimi's song, "Third Stone From the Sun". It is a great story that tell a tale about purple aliens (obvious) and there obsession with Jimi Hendrix. It is going to be a great book, which include aliens scouts.

    I'm in the final stage of editing.
  • Dana from Woodbury, MnThe notion of Hendrix mocking surf music is a major misconception. The line "You'll Never Hear Surf Music Again" is clearly a tribute to Dick Dale as well as a lament. Hendrix thought that Mr. Dale was dying at the time. Luckily, he didn't. It had nothing to do with the Beach Boys either.
  • Incogneattoesideway(s) from Santa Monica, Ca... really only AV a nano-second, so I'll address just Juan prior comment, other that the fact this little all 6 7 8 & beyond of it travel(s) thru my {Space} 2 often & eye use bit/frame(s) of it in generaly typed dialog, etc. & 2 that END I do know somewhat of the energy behind the script in a bigger picture cent(s) ... specifically to VyteSnake ... "World Wonders" is the creation and a direct rebuttal to it and very hostle attack, in the name calling of "superior cackling hen" 2 the Creation Himself and His spoken desire 2 coddle it more directly from the get go, (there R so many thread[s] in just that... that all the trib(s) cannot B fully expressed, I shall go on) || "Your people" = Israel, this may actually B the only hint of truth in that portion of the clip-let, then the rest of the bit(s) R of course pure lies & typically mixed with 1/2 truths, the same MO... Trust Me sport - this is from a KiD who was @ the Bowl watching them sway to The IronButterfly while waiting 4 the HeadLiner to hit up Electric LadyLand, etc. the "Surf Music" lineette if won of my Fav(s) BTW - 10/4 M.D.
  • Tim (vytesnake) from Cleveland, OhWhen Jimi made was talking this line... "Although your world wonders me, with your majestic and superior cackling hen / Your people I do not understand, so to you I shall put AN END. And you'll never hear surf music again..." When he said "AN END" I truly believe he was peaking on LSD. I tripped alot in my time and when you are lifting off you get those butterfly moments. But hey Mr. Business man, not only can you not dress like me, you also cannot fly.
  • Gypsylily from Los Lunas, Nm"Although your world wonders me, with your majestic and superior cackling hen / Your people I do not understand, so to you I shall put AN END. And you'll never hear surf music again..." I think Jimmy might not be referring to the word "surf" in it's literal term. Is he talking about surfing the planets, the universe? Absolutely. Think about this though, when one rises above a caste position in life, they do put an end to their time in that post. I believe Jimmy is reminding us that a trancendental movement away from all earthly objects is what's important here. He has moved from the "surf" or "serf" position of a human serving earthly things to a higher realm which we all should "experience. He doesn't understand why we earthly beings want to remain here locked and tied to gravity when there is more to see and learn. Is he to put the earth to an end? I think not, I believe it is Jimmy's message of saying I make my life and I will live it! I end my part in it.
  • Robert from Los Angeles, Cathe melody of this song comes from the theme of an old british sit com. hendrix went home w/ either noel or mitch & saw the show. he simply changed the tune.
  • Kevin from Los Angeles, far as that reference to never hearing surf music again, on the Jimi Hendrix Experience box set you can hear a mix of this song where after he says "you will never hear surf music again" he laughs and says "that sounds like a lie to me!". For some reason it was edited out for the first LP. It's a well known fact that as a teenage he used to go see Dick Dale ( they both lived on the west coast where Dick used to tour all the time)...I believe Jimi also learned to string his right-handed guitar from Dick ( both Jimi and Dick were left handed people who played right handed guitars).
  • Tim (vytesnake) from Cleveland, OhI just wanted to point out that when I was into my acid trip days of the seventies, I recall when you'd get this rush of adrenaline (peak). Seems to me that Jim had that very thing while talking on this track, "Although your world wonders me, with your majestic and superior cackling hen. Your people I do not understand, so to you I shall put AN END. And you'll never hear surf music again." Yes indeed, Jimi had that rush when he said "I shall put AN END" I was into Jimi especially in Nurnberg Germany. We were partaking of the best smoke and other mind altering candy at the time... Of course those days are past, and I am thankful too have survived it all. I only wish Jimi, Otis, Janis, and many others would have as well. But I guess that helps us appreciate them the more now that they are gone. Jimi was a young gifted and humble human soul. He loved with his musical creativity and I am sure that he has encouraged millions to pick up a stringed instrument (including myself). Well I went too long, sorry
  • Chas from Bartlett, IlI find this one of the more interesting of all Jimi's songs. Not just the musicality, but the story he tells. I've always been amazed by the foretellings in Jimi's songs. You get the distinct feeling that Jimi always knew he wasn't long for this world-and that he was anxious to get to the next place or "experience", as evidenced in "I Don't Live Today". Here, he has written the soundtrack to a science fiction epic. An alien encounter with earth, the third stone from the sun, peppered with Jimi's knack for sexual innuendo-"Your mysterious mountains I wish to see closely-may I land my kinky machine?" This visitor evidently wasn't impressed with what he found. "Although your world wonders me...your people I do not understand...and so to you I must put and end..." What follows is what I imagine to be the sonic destruction of our planet. "And you'll never hear surf music again..." Indeed!
  • Chuck from Detroit, MiOne of the coolest things about this song is it's ending. Sounds like a training going over a trussle..Was done, (I am assuming) with an echoplex. I've yet to hear someone properly reproduce that ending.
  • Paul from Watanobbi, AustraliaThe main riff from this song was the basis for Cozy Powells 1974 instrumental "Dance with Devil"
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScYay, I got the album right!
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScThanks Jim. I know exactly which one you're talking about. I don't know who Elvin Jones is though. This song is crazy! I love it. I didn't know hou could do all that stuff with a turn table.
  • Lane from Okc, OkHendrix IS the lord of guitar and creativity of wonderful pieces of music. he accomplished more in his few years than most artists accomplish over a lifespan.
  • Warren from Shelton, CtDick Dale claims that the "Surf Music" reference was Jimi's tribute to him, as he was very ill ("dying of cancer") at the time and was not sure if he would survive.

    From Dick Dale's "Better Shred than Dead" compilation. btw, his version ain't too shabby!
  • Lawrence from Sydney Mines, CanadaIf you adjust the turntable from 45 RPM to 78 RPM you can hear this at the beginning:

    Jimi: "Star fleet to star ship, please give your positon... over"
    Chas: "I am positoned above the third stone from the sun... over"
    Jimi: "That must be Earth... over"
    Chas: "Positive, It is known to have have some form of intelligent species... over"
    Jimi: "Maybe we should take a look..."

    Its Jimi Hendrix and Chas Chandler talking about earth as if they were aliens. Sometime around the middle of the song you can also hear him say "The acid drop will make you fly" and most of the wierd sounds that sound like wind were made by Jimi blowing and whistling into the microphone and then slowing them down.
  • TorbjÃ?rn from Kongsvinger, NorwayTHAT'S SICK!!! If you play it at twice the speed you hear them talking as if they were in space in a ship!!!
  • Barry from New York, NySort of a postscript to Bill's Beach Boys comments: The Beach Boys eventually did return to the Monterey Pop Festival stage to play their set. This took place three years later in October 1970, they were the headliners for the Big Sur Folk Festival. By this time, however, Brian Wilson was taking time out from the band and Dennis Wilson was on temporary leave, making his movie with James Taylor. A partial soundboard of the Beach Boys' set is in ciculation among music traders.
  • Kyle from Redding, CaThe slowed voices in the back ground are the two speaking as if they are from another planet and just discovered earth. The box set includes the conversation untampered with before the song starts up. you can also hear jimi slowing the tape down near the end after the guitar is finished. the tape makes light squeak sounds.
  • Bill from Erie, Pa"You'll never hear surf music again..."
    This was a reference to the Monterrey Music festival the Experience played in '67, I think it was. The highlight of the show was the Beach Boys, who, as we all know, were the pioneers of surf music. For various reasons, the Beach Boys withdrew, and the festival was just barely saved when the Experience was recomended to replace them by Paul McCartney. Jimi was probably saying something to the effect of "You'll never want to listen to the Beach Boys again after this."
  • Kevin from Cincinnati, OhI love this song,and to me it is jazz and psychadelic fused together.Jimi and Eddie Kramer were a fantastic match in the studio.
  • Doctor from Wronisland, Nyhaving a fair amount of jazz listening already under my belt when Jimi hit the scene, I was always impressed with how much he had drawn from that genre and managed to include into his extraordinary recordings ... also an electronics tinkerer, I had read about something called "phase cancellation" which could be accomplished on a turntable (remember those?) by switching the signal and ground leads of only one channel right at the cartridge, and then shorting the two channel leads together to, in effect, make a monophonic signal from what was stereo ... what resulted, however, was incredible, as everything that was mixed to be in the center (mono) was cancelled out, and the sections of the recording which were mixed to be only either left or right (some parts of the drums and usually guitar solos) were audible ... what this usually dropped out were lead vocals, the bass guitar and the bass drum ... when I first heard "Third Stone" I was, of course, blown away by the adventurous composition and playing (Mitch Mitchell's drumming in this song is absolutely wonderful, and another poster's mention of Elvin Jones is quite appropriate), but the slowed-down conversation intrugued me, so, as yet another poster here mentioned, 78rpm revealed some of it, but not all ... that's when I decided to try the phase cancellation to remove some of the other "layers" in the song ... to my amazement, there's much silly, playful talk in that great middle section, with the most revelatory phrase I can recall now being Jimi saying, very clearly, "The acid drop will make you fly" ... the funniest bit is still "... and you will never hear ... surf music ... again"
  • Ydur from Knoxville, TnEric Clapton also plays the "octave riff" theme (a la Wes Montgomery) at the end of his guitar solo outro on his cover of "Stone Free".
  • Marcel Bas from Voorschoten, NetherlandsNot only did I hear a lick from this song, but some twenty years earlier Jaco Pastorius used these lines in his bass solo 'Slang' while he was on tour with Weather Report in the seventies.
  • Nick from Solvang, Cai heard that if you play this song on a turntable at 78 speed you can hear a conversation of alein life talking about earth.
  • Jim from Oxnard, CaSantana took the main riff and speeded it up even more in his "Viva Santana" live album. It's also heard on the "Best of Santana Vol. 2" album.
  • Kalden from Kathmandu, OtherStevie Ray Vaughan's version of this song (in El Mocambo live in 1983) is equally groovy.

  • Dee from Salt Lake City, UtTrue Story: Hendrix showed up at a gig of Buddy Guy's with a little tape recorder. He asked if he could record Guy because he told Guy he wanted to play like he (Guy) did. Buddy Guy said that he didn't pay much attention to the kid, 'cause he was not much of a guitar player! I believe this happened a few years before Jimi became the artist of importance he became. Hendrix had a far more jazz and blues leaning than his short life allowed for him to explore. The above mentioned cut shows this experimental streak. And then again, sometimes, tracks sound much better when one is stoned out of one's gourd!
  • Scribble from Peaks Island, MeI think it's amazing that the best guitar player of all time never had guitar lessons and was self-taught. It show how much all you kids could learn from yourself.
  • W0f0z+ from Rotterdam, Netherlandswot a classic of a psychodelic tune!
    a slight bit of melody of it is also heard in I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred
  • Jim from Oxnard, CaIt's the one with Elvin Jones-like drumming (track 9 on the CD version). At around 4:30, he utters "You'll never hear surf music again."
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScIs it that song that has that jazzy kind of feel to it? There's a song on"are You Experienced' that has a jazy kind of feel to it, and it's an instrumental. I think I heard the garbled speech in it too.
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