I Will Steal You Back


  • This single was premiered on April 10, 2014 on KROQ 106.7fm's, The Kevin & Bean Show. Jimmy Eat World's Jim Adkins briefly explained to the hosts the grown-up sentiment behind the lyric. "Love songs are what make rock 'n roll go around. It's just sort me trying to take an honest look at what that might be in an older context. In a non-bubblegum kind of way," the frontman said. "It's also kind of more about bettering ourselves in the process. It's about focusing on making decisions instead of just resolutions."
  • This song isn't really about trying to win back someone's love. Jim Adkins told NME: "It's more about finding yourself and being okay with yourself than it is wanting or needing something from the other person in the relationship."
  • The band had trouble balancing this rhythmically tricky song. Drummer Zach Lind remembered: "In the original version of it, there was these really heavy, like straight guitars, like palm muted... so you had this sort of straight, very rigid-sounding guitar part, but then you had this sort of groove go back and forth."

    They ended up relying on the acoustic guitar to hold the song together, but instead of abandoning the heavier elements, they pushed them to the background. Lind said: "They're lower in the mix, and it worked really well that way because they kind of provide an energy and power to the parts they're in, but they didn't overpower the song."


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