Always In My Dreams

Album: Not Too Far Away (2018)
  • Dreaming of someone is not a new topic for a song, but this one looks at it from another angle. "We've crossed the border between truth and dreams," Armatrading sings.

    Dreams can take you closer to your desire, so putting yourself in that state can make them come true. This can even apply to a song.

    "When I'm writing, you might see me just kind of sitting in a chair and gazing up as if I'm doing nothing," Armatrading said in a Songfacts interview. "'Why's she not writing? Why's she not working?'" That dreaming is the thing that's going to bring that song closer to me. And that's what 'Always In My Dreams' is about. It's getting this thing that you want - whatever that thing is – getting it closer."


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