Here's To You

Album: Sacco and Vanzetti (1971)
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  • Here's to you is the refrain of this song which was composed by Ennio Morricone with lyrics by Joan Baez, who also performed it in the 1971 Italian film Sacco e Vanzetti which was released in English as Sacco & Vanzetti aka Sacco And Vanzetti.

    Woody Guthrie wrote a whole album about these two rightly convicted murderers, "Vanzetti's Letter" being the best of a bad bunch. Sadly, this song - along with the film - follows the same path of ignoring the evidence of their guilt. The melody of "Here's To You" is not bad, but it should have been married to lyrics that were either more meaningful or chosen with greater care. >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England
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  • Matthew from London, United KingdomThe comment above states that Nicola Sacco and Bartolomo Vanzetti were 'rightly convicted' and that there is 'evidence' of their guilt.

    Even the most cursory examination of the facts surrounding the case reveals this 'official' line to be highly dubious, at best.
    Moreover, the arrest, trial and conviction of Sacco and Vanzetti was the result of anti-Italian prejudice in parts of the US at the time, and there was also a strong political motivation as both Sacco and Vanzetti were well known anarchists, a political movement which was getehring force in Europe at the time and threatened the entrenched interests of capitalists there and in the US.
    This is over and above the human rights abuses which were perpetrated against Sacco and Vanzetti in the name of US 'justice'.

    Depressingly, with the horrors of Abu Graib and Guantanamo Bay fresh in the mind, little seems to have changed in the last 80 years.
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