• This is the title track of Joe Jonas' debut solo album. The music that the Jonas Brothers star recorded for the record showed a new side to him, with songs about heartbreak and romantic turmoil rather than the songs about puppy love he recorded with Nick and Kevin.
  • Musically it is different too, with R&B and dance tracks influenced by artists such as Chris Brown. "A song I'm most excited about right now is a song called 'FastLife.' Performing it live is so much fun," Joe told MTV News. "Doing a lot of dancing and stuff, it's cool for people to see; it's a little bit different. It's fun for me to be up there doing it. I feel like it's a fun dance song. A lot of people want to have fun listening to it and dancing to it," he continued. "The song is just about pretty much living life to the fullest, enjoying life, going out with your friends and having fun."
  • Speaking to MTV News, Joe explained the thinking behind his debut album title: "I think my life has been so crazy busy for the past year and a half, and I kind of wanted to show people a little bit more of what my life is about, bring them into it a little bit more, so that's been a fun experience," he said.
  • Regarding the album cover, Joe explained to MTV News: "We had a couple of photo shoots trying to decide which direction we wanted to go in. And it just kind of came together with having a really cool background and explaining Fast Life."

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  • Bmn from Hisuan, ArgentinaThematically, this song can be compared to "Drive" from the 2010 Jonas LA soundtrack. That song is about a woman taking the speaker on "lots of crazy rides" to nowhere in particular, purely for the enjoyment of it, since they "got time." By contrast, "Fastlife" reverses the roles back to the conventional subjugation of a woman by a man, who now proclaims to be "done with these games" and is determined to take her to the place he has in mind, tacitly assuming she agrees with his plans since it's no longer her "first time." "Fastlife" is the more mature song, but only in the sense that it complies with the more mature cliché.
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