Funk 50

Album: Analog Man (2012)


  • This track serves as a follow-up to "Funk #49," a track Walsh recorded as a member of The James Gang that peaked at #59 on the Hot 100 in 1970. He told Billboard magazine why he decided to revisit the song. "At the beginning of the football season, ESPN called me for a minute of music for the their NFL Sunday Morning Countdown (actually Sunday NFL Countdown), Chris Berman and those guys," he explained. "They just said, "we need some background music for the ins and outs of the show, we're James Gang fans, we love 'Funk 49,' so do some music like that, but don't do 'Funk 49.'" So what do you call that? I don't know. I gave 'em a minute of it, and they used it for the whole football season. It's Sunday morning so not a whole lot of people know about it, but I thought, 'this works out pretty good, I could throw some words on here and make it a little longer than a minute and put it on the album.' I didn't know what else to do but bump it up one and call it 'Funk 50.'"


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