Joe Walsh

November 20, 1947
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  • Joe Walsh was originally born in Kansas but moved around a lot as a kid. Walsh and his family lived in Columbus, Ohio for a number of years before they moved to New York City in 1959. At age 12, Walsh became interested in "ham" radio and started an amateur station with the call sign WB6ACU.
  • Joe Walsh's oldest daughter, Emma Kristen, died tragically at the age of 3. She died of injuries suffered in a car accident on the way to daycare. Walsh wrote a song for her called "Song for Emma" and released it on his album So What in 1974.
  • As a joke, Joe Walsh ran for president in 1980. He claimed to make his song "Life's Been Good" the new national anthem if he was elected. In reality, Walsh was not old enough to be eligible for the office, so his mission was to raise public awareness of the election. He also ran a mock campaign for vice president in 1992.
  • Joe Walsh has struggled with alcoholism since the '70s. He's been in recovery since 1995 and his song "One Day at a Time" is about his battle against the disease.
  • Aside from his music career, Joe Walsh has frequently dabbled in acting. He appeared in a reoccurring Second City sketch with John Candy called "Gil Fisher" in which he performed a song with his band. Walsh also appeared in The Blues Brothers, as he was a good friend of late comedian John Belushi.
  • Joe Walsh is related to former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr by marriage. In December 2008, Walsh married Marjorie Bach - the sister of Starr's wife, Barbara Bach - making Walsh and Starr brothers-in-law.
  • Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page's famous 1959 sunburst Gibson Les Paul guitar was actually originally owned by Joe Walsh. Walsh sold the guitar (also known as "Number 1") to Page in 1970.
  • He was with a band called the James Gang from 1969-1971. They were a classic "power trio" with just guitar, bass and drums, which meant Walsh had to handle all the guitar parts and also sing. When he left the band, he was offered the gig as Peter Frampton's replacement in Humble Pie, but turned it down because of record company conflicts.
  • After getting a big check for his work with the Eagles, Walsh bought a farm with a lake in Saxtons River, Vermont, intending to live off the land. He found this lifestyle quite difficult - especially in winter - so he sold the place.
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  • Ken from Louisville, KyJoe had a unique deal to replace Bernie Leadon in the Eagles in 1976. He was allowed to continue his solo career in between Eagles' recording and tours. His big hit "Life's Been Good" was made between the Eagles' Hotel California album and tour and their Long Run album and tour. He was brought in because his producer, Bill Szymczyk was also the Eagles' producer and because Glenn Frey was a huge fan of Walsh and the James Gang.
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