Canon In D Major

Album: they didn't have albums back then (1680)
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  • This is commonly used at weddings as part of bridal processions. Some purists believe it is inferior to "Here Comes The Bride," which is the traditional choice, but the song has grown more popular and accepted over the years.
  • The song begins with an 8-note bass line, with more instruments joining in every four bars as the bass repeats (a "canon" is music that repeats). This makes the song great for weddings, since it can be timed to the length of the procession. Usually, the cello player will keep an eye on the procession and signal to stop playing when the bride reaches the altar.
  • Pachelbel is a German composer born in 1653. He wrote a lot of chuch music.
  • It is believed that Pachelbel wrote this for 3 violins and a basso continuo. The German title is "Kanon Und Gigue In D-Dur."
  • This was featured in the 1980 movie Ordinary People.
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  • Jonathan from Johnstown, PaOur indoor percussion show was based upon this piece. We also mixed in various other songs into our show, such as Can't Help falling In love with you (Elvis), With or without you (u2), Bolero, and Skater Boy (Alvril Lavigne). It was a very cool show.
  • Bec from Ft. Laud, FlI love this sound, and I want to thank Louise,of London England for being technical. I hear , thank you. bec in fla
  • Thegripester from Wellington, New ZealandProfessional musicians who have had to play this song wayyy too many times refer to this piece as "Taco-bell's Canon."
  • Matt from New York, NyActually, many songs are based off of Canon's simple chord progression: Let It Be (Beatles); Hook (Blues Traveler); No Woman, No Cry (Bob Marley); Cryin' (Aerosmith); With or Without You (U2); Push (Matchbox 20); We're Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister)...even Skater Boy (Avril Lavigne....sorry I refuse to spell it with a number 8)
  • Vincent from Henderson, NcHas anyone ever noticed that the bass line in the Green Day song Basket Case is Pachabels Canon in D? Check it out...
  • Adam from Liverpool, EnglandThis song was re-arranged by JerryC of YouTube fame named "Canon Rock". This version has since became an internet Phenomenon and has been covered by many budding artists and uploaded to YouYube. There is a video on YouTube that combines near 40 different artists and has too became a big hit on YouTube.

    The Youtube Guitarist MattRach has re-arranged JerryC's adaptation of this song.
  • Louise from London, EnglandSorry to get technical here but "canon" does not mean music which repeats... This piece illustrates a number of compositional devices. It has a 'ground bass' which is a repeating bass line played by the cello (making this an extremely tedious piece for cellists to play!). Also, since the chords/harmony above this repeating bass do not change throughout the piece, it is an example of a 'chaconne'. Finally, the title 'Canon' refers to the way the 3 violin parts work. They play the same music 4 bars apart i.e. violin 1 starts with melody A, 4 bars later violin 2 plays melody A while violin 1 has moved on to melody B etc. A simple example of a canon is Frere Jacques - usually refered to as a 'round'.

    The piece was also used by the group 'the farm' in the 1980's for their song; altogether now.
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesWas used in UK "Wool" adverts in the late 1990s and sampled by Coolio for his 1997 hit "C U when U Get There"
  • Robyn from Tucson, AzIts a great cell ringtone!!
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