Come Again

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  • This is a love song written by John Dowland. Dowland (c1563-c1626) was England's pre-eminent lutenist and composer, and quite likely the first singer-songwriter as we would understand the term. Dowland's origins are uncertain, although he was probably born in Westminster; he was a Catholic, traveled extensively, and was welcomed at the courts of kings. He was renowned for his beautiful melodies.
  • Dowland's music is all but unknown today outside of classical circles, but in 2006 Sting put out Songs From The Labyrinth, a collection of Dowland compositions, including this song.
  • The English language has changed somewhat since Elizabethan times; according to Dowland biographer Diana Poulton, the first line of the song reads: "Come againe: sweet loue doth now euite." >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England, for all above
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