A Face to Call Home

Album: Born and Raised (2012)
  • This song finds Mayer hoping for a future filled with easy domesticity having faced past tumult in his life:

    "You know my paper heart
    The one I filled with pencil
    I think I might have gone and inked you in."

    Mayer played the track as the last song of his set on his 2013 tour opener. He dedicated it to his on/off girlfriend Katy Perry whom he described as his "face to call home." The singer added that Katy "was so patient" and she took the time "to continue to get to know me and love me" when he was recovering and resting after his vocal surgery.
  • The song features Nickel Creek's Sara Watkins guesting on vocal and violin.

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  • Sabrina from Taylorsville I asked Siri what John Mayer’s favorite color was, and this is what came up. Full disclosure it seems like it’s going to be a green.
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