Album: Continuum (2006)
  • Vultures are birds that feed on the remains of what other animals kill. This song is about avoiding the hype of stardom and diverting from the negative aspects of being a celebrity. >>
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    Sam - Jonesboro, AR
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  • Leah from Indianapolis, InI think he's talking about escaping from the alluring traps of the Illuminati. So many celebrities have fallen prey by force or persuasion to join. So many (Jay-Z, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Madonna, and etc.) Start to looks notice occult symbolism in their songs and videos. Open up your eyes people! Some have died standing up against them. I think he's (John) is one of them. One of the ones who isn't falling for their tricks. Jesus will win. Satan your time is short and I hope you are tormented for eternity in the Lake of Fire!
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