Your Body Is A Wonderland

Album: Room For Squares (2002)
Charted: 18


  • On VH1 Storytellers, Mayer said that the song is about his very first girlfriend, which he had when he was 14 years old. Said Mayer: "It's really a song about when you could love someone enough to jump into bed at 4 and get out when it's dark, like when you go see a movie and you walk out and it's dark out - same thing except instead of the movie it's sex."
  • Mayer wrote this when he moved to Atlanta and started to write songs. It was the opening guitar part that got him started. He explained: "I had this guitar part and I'd play it for hours - I just wanted to see how liquidy it could get."
  • John Mayer had a short-lived relationship with Jennifer Love Hewitt and the actress was rumored to be the inspiration behind this song. However as Room For Squares was released before the two dated, this was clearly not the case. Hewitt denied the rumors to People magazine when she quipped, "John would have written, 'Your body is a disaster.'" Said Mayer, "This would be the first in a history of songs that were reported that they were written for people they weren't written for."
  • Mayer won a Best Pop Vocal Performance Grammy for this song. He beat legends James Taylor, Elton John and Sting to win it. He performed this at the Grammys in between performances by Vanessa Carlton and James Taylor. They were doing a segment showcasing singer/songwriters. He played this on his acoustic guitar, without a band. >>
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  • In The Office episode "A Benihana Christmas" (2006), Michael Scott and Andy Bernard sing this as a karaoke duet to two waitresses they pick up at Benihana. Mayer agreed to let the show use the song in exchange for a Dundie - an award Michael gives out to Dunder Mifflin employees for quirky achievements. Mayer took the prize for "Tallest Music Dude."

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  • Steve from Greensboro NcTO >you’re spreading misinformation about john mayer’s song writing. richard marx has collaborated with john mayer about as much as karl marx has. their musical relationship is as close to zilch as a relationship could be.
  • Kat from Adelaide, AustraliaWell I'll be damned - I was sure this would have been about Jenny Love Hewitt! He might have talent, but letting her get away shows he lacks a bit in the taste department.
  • Toni from Baltimore, MdFirst off, I had to stop my uncontrollable laughter after I read the comment that Nick from Detroit posed. Um, Nick: the "quote" you're referring to is from John Mayer Has A TV Show; it was from a bit done with a group of young, college-aged girls, and he told them that Richard Marx writes all his songs to gauge their reaction. He was just kidding. John Mayer has the driest, most sarcastic wit ever, and he really does write most if not all of his music.
  • Nick from Detroit, MiHe probably did not write this song about JLH...

    John Mayer doesn't write most of his songs, Richard Marx is accredited for most of them, eventhough on the cd it may say 'written by John Mayer' he only owns the rights to the song via his record label and is not the actual composer. John Mayer admitted this himself on Vh1's "John Mayer Has a TV Show" in Sept. 2006. You can probably still catch it on youtube.

    Richard Marx also writes songs for nsync/98degrees/michael bolton/billy ray cyrus/vince gill/luther vandross/daughtry/lifehouse and countless others.
  • Sara from Union City, TnI love love love this song. I think every girl would want this song to be about sweet yet sexy too. John Mayer's voice is so sexy also however I can not stand to watch him sing. His facial expressions are awful!
  • Cole from Caro, MiThis song was not written about Jennifer Love Hewitt. It was written about his girlfriend or crush back when he was 14. She sent him a letter after she heard it on the radio and told him how much she loved it. She is now married with children. All of this is from the January edition of Rolling Stone with Mayer on the cover. Great article.
  • Pookielocks from Ohio, Ohmusically, this isn't the best. there's a vacant spot before the last chorus which just seems out of place to me.
  • Word from Montreal, CanadaI Love this song. one of my top favorites. Love the lyrics. but i have to point out.

    - some people are saying that this song is about Jennifer Love Hewitt. well, give me an article from John mayer words that its realy about her.

    - and to MATT from HOUSTON. He DOES write his songs. where did you get the fact that he didn't?
  • P.a. from Paris, FranceWell...first of all I really like John Mayer. That said, in response to the last comment, Try is a live album (ok it could be considered as an album since only 3 songs are from prior albums). It includes at least 2 covers Wait Until Tomorrow and I got a Woman. On top of my head, Continuum also includes Bold As Love. But yes he wrote a bunch of stuff, and good stuff.
    Anyway I think it's great to have your own stuff, and cover songs from times to times, it shows what you like, and you (normally)put your own print on it...
  • Brian from Jax Beach, FlMatt from Houston Texas- John Mayer has 4 major albums out (not including his live stuff): Room For Squares, Heavier Things, Try! (JM Trio), and Continuum. John wrote all of the songs on these albums excluding No Such Thing and Neon. In No Such Thing, the only thing he didn't write was the Bridge. John also wrote the majority of Neon himself. The man he co-wrote the songs with was Clay Cook, whom John played with in a band at the time these songs were written... I know that you wont ever read this, but hopefully others that wish to learn about "Your Body is a Wonderland" don't find themselves leaving this page falsely discrediting one of Pop Music's greatest songwriters...
  • Corey from Herrin, IlDon't bash a certain kind of music, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, unless you like country. Coldplay is a great band, Mayer is a good guitarist.
  • Danny from Atlanta, GaContrary to popular belief, this song was NOT written about Jennifer Love Hewitt. It was written approximatly 4 years before they ever met. Split Screen Sadness was the song written about JLH.
    It also has a background lyrics taken from another song, My Stupid Mouth.
  • Dylann from Los Angeles, Cai dont care what anyone thinks...john mayer is amazing. so what if he doesnt write his own stuff ALL the time. do u even know how hard it is to write songs?! i do!
  • Matt from Houston, TxJust to let everybody know, Mayer doesn't write a lot of the stuff he plays. He's a great guitar player, but unfortunately somewhat unoriginal.
  • Bethany from Carrier Mills, Ilto nathan, that IS good music. somepeople were just born to do softer things, not everyone with talent needs to have loud electric guitar and everything, i think music is most intimate when it is in a raw form, like alot of the music john does.
  • Nathan from Defiance, OhHe has the skills, no doubt. Why can't the dude play real music though? Seems like all the good musicians (like Coldplay to name one) play crappy soft pop. That leaves only the crappy musicians (like Limp Bizkit to name one) to play rock music. Why does anybody with skill not want to make good music? What the hell is going on? Is this really happening?
  • Alvin from Sioux Center, Iasurprising how every girl alive gushes over this song which is only about the physical features of a girl and lusting about her
  • Izzie from Lala, Hithis song is so cute!!!! i love it. like, any guy that would write that about his gilrfriend is such a sweetheart. im seriously like in love with john mayer becuase he sings this song. i love the little instruments and the sound. its soooo romantic!!!!
  • Tricia from Boulder, CoThis song was written with Jennifer Love Hewitt, his then girlfriend in mind. When she was informed by a journalist during an interview that the song was about her, she replied "He should have written the song as Your Body is a Train Wreck".
    - Danial, Dubai, Other

    Danial's comment is not true. He wrote that song long before he was famous and dating Jennifer Love Hewitt. I saw John Mayer perform this in late 1999, early 2000.
  • Danial from Dubai, OtherThis song was written with Jennifer Love Hewitt, his then girlfriend in mind. When she was informed by a journalist during an interview that the song was about her, she replied "He should have written the song as Your Body is a Train Wreck".
  • Annabeth from Kutztown, PaFirst of all, this is one of my all-time favorites. It's all about a guy spendind an afternoon in bed w/ his girlfriend, but I can kind of relate to it. Mostly because this song just describes how I feel with my SO, and how i feel when he just sits up and looks at me, like he's thinking "You're amazing, I just have to look at you for a little bit." *sigh*
  • Gabe from Utica, NyJohn Mayer is awesome! It really is great to have a guy like him in the music world. I love every one of his songs. This song is sorta like a slower version of "Feeling This". Only much more romantic.
  • Roman from Denver, CoHe was asked to play blues jam with Eric Clapton,
    B.B.king, Buddy Guy, & Jimmie Vaughan at the cotton bowl as part of the crossroads guitar
    festival on 6/6/ to have skills to play with that line-up!
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