Too Little, Too Late
by JoJo

Album: The High Road (2006)
Charted: 4 3
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  • This song is about a girl who is breaking up with her boyfriend, who hasn't been good to her. When he asks to come back to her, she refuses to take him back. >>
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    Arianna - Largo, FL
  • Billy Steinberg wrote this song with Josh Alexander. Along with Tom Kelly, Steinberg had 5 US #1 hits, including "Eternal Flame" "Like A Virgin" and "True Colors." Says Steinberg: "'Too Little Too Late' is different than the hits that I wrote with Tom Kelly in that 'Too Little Too Late' is a song that my current partner, Josh Alexander, had already started, he brought that song to me partly written. So he had the title and some of the lyrics and melodies. I really just helped him finish writing that song and that lyric, so it wasn't one that we started from scratch together. It was a song that he had taken a certain way, and I helped him finish it." (Check out our interview with Billy Steinberg.)
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  • Hope from Naperville, IlThis song is pretty good...I have Jojo's cd and it wasn't amazing but their were some interesting songs on there. This is about a boy who treated her badly, and they have the type of relationship where they break up and try and get back together again. Well, in the song she's saying, "It's too late this time."
    Jojo is talented though...
  • Michaela from Brooklyn, NyThis is the greatest song of 2006.i listen to this song everyday.I love the music so much.And from what I'v seen and read her say in some magazines,I think she's a cool youny girl.I don't know her of cource but it seems to me she's mature for her age.That's what I think, don't know.
  • Kali from Van Nuys, CaThat's exactLy what the songs about. It touches my heart When she says "In Letting you go I'm Lovin MyseLf!" That's Deep stuff!
    I know aLot of peopLe don't give her enough credit cause she's young and aLL that crap. But her aLbum is reaL good and she's an amazing singer. I can't wait tiL she's oLder and peopLe start takin her seriousLy. She's amazing!
    I Love JoJo! :]
  • Allison from An Awesome City In, CoI love this song! And yeah, I totally agree that its about a girl who's breaking up with her boyfriend. She's telling him that its too late to want her back and she's not coming back.
  • Aggie from Suva, OtherAnyone with a brain can work out the meaning of this song from the obvious lyrics. Random fact: The guy who plays her cheating bf is UCLA student Mike Zaher. Btw, JoJo's got an incredibly strong voice. Let's hope she'll last.
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