August 7

Album: Destination Anywhere (1997)
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  • The song was written in memory of Katherine Korzilius, daughter of Bon Jovi's former personal manager Paul Korzilius. Katherine's mother and brother Chris had dropped her off at their community mailbox which was one-eighth of a mile from their home, and became worried when she did not come home. After an hour of waiting (her trips to the mailbox usually took half an hour when she was not in a hurry), they drove back to the mailbox and, not seeing her, took a full circle around their suburban neighborhood. A full one mile from their home, and obviously off her usual path, they found her lifeless body in the middle of the road. Authorities had first suspected that Katherine had somehow grabbed on to the back of the family van and, with the vehicle in motion, had lost her grip but they soon began to suspect that she had, in fact, been murdered. Using dogs, they were able to track her scent into a vacant lot, and after losing the scent, were able to pick it up where her body had been found. Authorities surmised that she had been approached by her attacker, ran into the vacant lot and, after being caught, was thrown into a vehicle. After being struck on the head (she had a fractured skull and multiple cuts and bruises) her body was then dumped onto the road where it was discovered by her mother and brother. Her case appeared on the television show Unsolved Mysteries, but her murderer still has yet to be found. Paul Korzilius now heads up Bon Jovi Music.
  • Jon has stated that although he wishes her could do much more, this song was the least her could have done for Paul and his family. >>
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  • Klinner from Brandon, MtPlease tell me if the Katherine Korzilius case is still active or is there any new information.
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