Tequila Little Time

Album: Heartache Medication (2019)
  • This flirty, uptempo song finds Jon Pardi singing of a tearful girl who catches his attention in a bar. He offers her a shot of tequila with the goofy chat-up line:

    I want tequila little time with you
    A little salt and a lime will do
    Hey bar man, will you bring us two

    If you say "tequila little time with you" out loud, it sounds like "to kill a little time."
  • Pardi wrote the song with Rhett Akins and Luke Laird on a Northern California retreat at a small studio the singer has at his mom's house. Rhett Akins hadn't come up with anything all day, when suddenly lying down on the couch, he blurped out, "Tequila little time with you."

    The three wrote the song in about an hour and a half. "It's the old-school picking up a girl when she's down, but slyly," Pardi explained to Apple Music. "Not trying to be too creepy. When we wrote it we were like, 'We can't make it creepy.'"


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