Almost Maybes

Album: Jordan Davis (2020)
  • "Almost Maybes" is Jordan Davis' lighthearted salute to all those good, bad and indifferent romances that didn't work out, leading to him finding his true love.

    Here's to the tears and beers
    And wasted years on the weeds that look like daisies
    I wouldn't be sitting here next to you
    If it weren't for the almost maybes

    Davis, who married Kristen O'Connor in March 2017, shared: "This is one that feels universal. For the few things in life that do fall into place and work out; there are a lot more that don't. This is for those times, the 'almost maybes.'"
  • Jordan Davis wrote the song with:

    Hillary Lindsey, who has co-penned many of Carrie Underwood's hit tunes, as well as Little Big Town's "Girl Crush." Lindsey won a Grammy Award for Best Country Song for Underwood's "Jesus, Take The Wheel."

    Jesse Frasure, who earned his first country airplay #1 with his Florida Georgia Line co-write "Sun Daze." Since then he has contributed to several of Thomas Rhett's hit singles, including "Crash and Burn," "Life Changes" and "Marry Me."
  • It was Hillary Lindsey who came up with the idea of "almost maybes." Davis told American Songwriter he immediately latched onto the concept. "There are a lot of almost maybes in relationships that we have to go through, and it eventually leads you to the one you need to be in," he said. "That hit home pretty hard. I've been through some relationships that at the time I would have sworn to you were it. Then, everything doesn't work out and comes unraveled."

    Lindsey added that instead of going down the "being sad and resentful," route, the song becomes a celebration of "the people that broke your heart, or the ones that didn't work out, or were just plain wrong."
  • Hillary Lindsey also supplied the harmony vocals. "Hillary probably has my favorite voice in town, which is why she's so prevalent on this song," said Davis.


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