Church In A Chevy

Album: Jordan Davis (2020)


  • Jordan Davis wrote this song with two of his go-to songwriters: Josh and Matt Jenkins. It's about a spiritual encounter in a truck.
  • Davis knew he was overdue for releasing some new music but was struggling to come up with something that fired him up. "I felt like I had this black cloud coming over me every time I was walking into a writer's room," he explained to American Songwriter. "I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to get some of these songs that meant something."

    I woke up today, and the world felt heavy
    So, I grabbed my keys, and I went for a drive

    Davis decided to go back to his core group of songwriters. He arrived at their session with a song title of "Church In A Chevy," which he pictured being about rolling up to a house of worship in a truck. However, they struggled with that concept and on the first day Davis and the Jenkins brothers could only come up with two lines. The three songsmiths slept on it, and when they came back the next week, they flipped the idea.

    Amazing grace came flooding through the windshield
    Felt some broken parts of me start to heal
    My lost getting found
    No one else around
    Middle of nowhere dirt
    I went to church in a Chevy

    The trio completed the song about having a religious experience in the middle of nowhere that day. "As you get older, I find that I clear my head when I'm by myself," Davis said. "It does help to get away into God's green earth and be quiet."

    "As a believer, I also think it doesn't have to be a church," he added. "If you do want to talk to God or hear from God, it doesn't necessarily have to be on Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights or whenever you think you need to hear from Him. He's always willing to hear from us. We have to take the time to get quiet enough to hear what He's got to say."
  • Davis and the Jenkins brothers wrote the song before the coronavirus pandemic but released it at a time when church services, along with other mass gatherings, were banned in order to stop the spread of the disease. "That song was getting recorded either way, pandemic or not," Davis told The Boot, before adding, "It's such a crazy thing now, that a song about going to church anywhere other than church comes out at a time when we literally cannot go to church."

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  • Janet Edwards from Stuart, FlChurch in a Chevy is such a beautiful song. The imagery it builds and the heartfelt emotion just takes you to that feeling of washing away of your troubles and the comfort of God through His blessings even in the most unlikely places. One of my all all time most loved songs.
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